Shocker in Chennai: Woman IT employee commits suicide after a dispute with her husband!

In a shocking development, a woman IT employee in Chennai has ended her life after a quarrel with her husband. The police had recovered the body of the deceased and a probe has been launched for further investigations. 

According to reports, the woman employee was 45-year-old and she was working at a leading IT company near Tambaram. She was living with her husband and her children in Kolathur and it has been reported that the couple had developed a feud between them and it had gone further for the past few days. 

The woman techie and her husband Vinodkumar were living on the first floor of their residence with their kids while Vinodkumar's parents were residing on the ground floor. On Saturday, Vinodkumar's parents were shocked to see the woman techie hanging to death inside the room and they alerted the police. 

The local police had rushed to the spot and recovered the body of the deceased. The officials had later sent the body to Stanley Government Hospital for an autopsy and a case has been registered to probe the death. Based on the preliminary inquiries, the police say that the couple had fought on Saturday over their feud. 

The police further say that after the fight, Vinodkumar had left the house, and soon after, the woman techie had taken the extreme step and hung herself in the room. The couple had a son and a daughter and when the children, who were with their grandparents, knocked on the woman techie's room door, she didn't respond. The children had then alerted their grandparents and when the elderly couple saw through the window, the woman techie was found hanging to death post which they alerted the law enforcement agency.