Shocker in UP: To know who will die and survive, a hospital stopped the oxygen supply as 'mock drill'!

In a dreadful incident, the state of Uttar Pradesh had witnessed the deaths of 22 people that were alleged to have happened due to the stoppage of oxygen supply in the hospital as part of a 'mock drill'. The video had shown that the head of the hospital saying that the oxygen supply was stopped to find out who will die and who will survive. After the death of 22 people, the state government has said it will carry out a probe into the incident. 

According to reports, a prominent private hospital in Agra has come under massive criticism after the video had revealed how the hospital had stopped the oxygen supply on April 26 for five minutes in a 'mock drill' session. In a 1.5-minute clip, Arinjay Jain, the owner of Paras Hospital can be heard saying, "We were told that even the Chief Minister cannot get oxygen, so begin the process of discharging patients. We began giving counselling to families to get discharged."

"Some of them were willing to listen but the others said they won't leave. I then said to do a mock drill (of stopping oxygen supply) to find out who will die and who will survive. So we did a mock drill at 7 am (April 26). It was done and no one knows. We then identified 22 patients. We realized they would die. The mock drill was done for five minutes and all of them had started turning blue", Jain added.

22 people had eventually died and the video, in which the head had admitted that the hospital had stopped the oxygen, has been shared on social media on Monday and drawn nationwide attention. However, Jain had claimed that the hospital had faced a dearth of oxygen during the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a statement to the media, Agra District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh had claimed that there was no death due to lack of oxygen on that day when the video was recorded.

The magistrate said that a probe would be launched. He said, "Initially, there was some panic and shortage but we sorted all that out in 48 hours. In this hospital, there have been seven Covid deaths on the 26th and 27th of April. The hospital also has a lot of ICU beds. There is no truth that 22 people had died but we will carry out an inquiry." 

Through his statement, the district magistrate had denied that 22 deaths happened in Agra's Paras Hospital due to the stoppage of oxygen supply as part of the mock drill. The video was recorded when Jain was speaking about the mock drill in which he was heard saying about stopping the oxygen. 

At least two colleagues are present in the video and one of them says 'that's right' when Jain said to conduct the mock drill of stopping the oxygen supply to find out who will die and who will survive. While the magistrate has asserted to conduct the probe despite giving a clean shit to the hospital, several social media users are slamming the hospital. The state's minister for health Jai Pratap Singh has said that an inquiry into the incident has been commenced.