Shocker in TN: 45-year-old Granny absconds after murdering her 3-month old grandchild!

A 45-year-old grandmother is being searched by the Tamil Nadu police as she has been at large after allegedly murdering her three-month-old grandchild. The shocking incident had happened in Goundampalayam in Coimbatore and become a talk of the town as who arrived as a caretaker had eventually become a slayer of the three-month-old toddler. 

45-year-old grandmother, Shanthi is a native of Madurai and her husband is a special sub-inspector at the Mathichiyam police station in Madurai district. Shanthi had been living with her daughter Aishwarya and Aishwarya's husband, Baskaran for the past two months in Coimbatore to take care of the children. Aishwarya - Baskaran couple had twins- a three-month-old boy and a girl and Aishwarya's younger brother Hari was also living with them. 

According to reports, Aishwarya and Hari had gone shopping on October 21, leaving the twins alone with Shanthi. They had returned home in half an hour and when they knocked on the door, no one has responded, following which Aishwarya had made a phone call to her mother and her mother took the call and said that she was in the bathroom.

When Aishwarya entered the home, she was shocked to find her three-month-old son Aryan bleeding from his injuries and covered in a cloth. Aishwarya then found her daughter Aarika in the bathroom, who was equally injured as her twin brother. After finding her son Aryan dead and Aarika injured, she was shocked to know that her mother was not there in the house. The police officials investigating the case had said that Aishwarya's mother Shanthi had exited the house, walked out to the road, asked for a lift and fled the scene. She has been at large and efforts are being made to locate her.

According to the police statement, the murder had occurred at 8.45 pm on October 21 and an autopsy was conducted for Aryan's body at the Coimbatore Government General Hospital. While the police are yet to receive the autopsy report, Aarika has been receiving treatments in Kuppusamy Naidu hospital in Coimbatore. As she had sustained severe injuries, she has been getting treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital.

A case has been filed against Shanthi under section 302 (murder) of the IPC by the Thudiyalur police. Aishwarya's husband Baskaran is a Civil Engineer based in Coimbatore and she gave birth to twins three months back. Her mother Shanthi had come to her house to take care of the twins. The Thudiyalur police say that Shanthi had been getting treatments for mental issues and she had brutally attacked both of her grandchildren when Aishwarya was not in the house.

A CCTV footage had also shown that Shanthi, after killing the grandchild, was fleeing the spot. A probe is launched into the matter and the police had issued a lookout for Shanthi, who has been at large. On the other hand, the officials say that Shanthi had a history of getting disappeared on several occasions and she would return in a few days.