Shocker from TN: Two men had sexually assaulted a 40-year-old woman inside a temple!

In a shocking development, a 40-year-old woman in Tamil Nadu's Nagapattinam district was raped and assaulted by two men in a temple in the wee hours of Thursday. The appalling incident had stunned the state and the police had arrested the accused and booked them under appropriate sections. 

According to reports, the victim was working at the construction site and she was living at her sister's home in Velipalayam, Nagapattinam. On Wednesday, when she was on her way to her sister's home after her work, two men followed and abducted her. The incident had happened at around 9 pm and the duo had attacked her and reportedly took her to a Lord Ganesh temple in the locality.  

The duo had raped her inside the temple and the woman had faced torture from both of them and duo had kept her under their custody for five hours inside the temple. The investigation said that she gave them her jewels and appealed them to leave her. However, closing their ears, the duo had raped and tortured her for five hours and they threatened her that they would kill her if she opens up about the incident. The woman sustained severe injuries and the duo had left the temple at around 2 am on Thursday. 

When the incident came to light, the affected woman was rescued by local people and she was rushed to the Nagapattinam General Hospital for further treatment. The reports say that woman's husband had passed away two years ago and she has a family of two children. The police had launched an investigation into the shocking crime and arrested two suspects in connection with the case - Arun Raj (25) and Anand (24) and both the suspects belong to Nagapattinam. 

The Velipalayam police said that a case has been filed against the duo under sections 363- kidnapping, 376- rape, and 506(2) - criminal intimidation of the Indian Penal Code, and both the suspects were remanded. The police said that the duo was under alcohol influence and they raped the woman in the temple until she suffered injuries.