Shocking: A 47-year-old BJP leader runs away with 26-year-old daughter of Samajwadi leader!

A 47-year-old BJP leader in the state of Uttar Pradesh has run away with a 26-year-old daughter of the leader of Samajwadi party. When the shocking event came to light, the BJP leader was expelled from the party while the police booked a case against him. 

47-year-old Ashish Shukla was the BJP's general secretary of the Hardoi city in Uttar Pradesh and it has been reported that he was in a relationship with 26-year-old daughter of Samajwadi leader. When the Samajwadi leader made arrangements for his daughter's marriage against her will, his daughter and BJP leader Ashish Shukla have decided to run away. 

She fled from her residence and joined Shukla as they eloped together. After learning about the incident, the Samajwadi party leader had filed a police complaint that Shukla ran away with his daughter. Based on the complaint, the police have registered an FIR against the BJP leader and started investigation to locate the eloped woman. 

47-year-old BJP leader Shukla is already married and he has a 21-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter. As the police complaint was filed against Shukla, the BJP had expelled him from the party for indulging in anti-party activities. BJP's Hardoi district media in-charge Gangesh Pathak told reporters that Ashish Shukla was the party's city general secretary. 

Pathak further said, "Due to laxity in work and conduct against the policy of the party, the post (which was held by Shukla) has been taken away and his primary membership has also been canceled. Shukla has nothing to do with the party now. The police are completely free to take action against Ashish Shukla."