Shocking announcement from Prashant Kishor...Decides to quit as political strategist! Here's why

Political strategist Prashant Kishor, who is the Chief of the Indian Political Action Committee, has on Sunday put out a shocking announcement that he is quitting from his role as the political strategist and cited that he will give the key to operate the action committee to its team. His announcement has come when the vote countings are underway in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, along with Assam, Kerala, and Puducherry.

Prashant Kishor rose to fame in the country by piloting the project of advising the political parties and framing the strategies to them to face the elections. While he had engaged with several parties in the past including Arvind Kejriwal's AAP and Jagan Mohan Reddy's YSRCP, he has recently worked for DMK in Tamil Nadu and for Trinamool Congress (TMC) in West Bengal. Kishor's Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC) has worked for both parties in the recently-held elections. 

Tamil Nadu had gone through the single-phase assembly poll on April 6 while West Bengal had faced eight phases of elections. The vote countings for both the states had begun on Sunday and amid the vote counting, Prashant Kishor had announced that he has decided to quit as the political strategist and cited that he needs to take a break. His sudden announcement has come in a shock and it has stirred debates on social media on whether he is going to launch a political party. 

Speaking to NDTV, Kishor said, "I do not want to continue what I am doing. I have done enough. Time for me to take a break and do something else in life. I want to quit this space". While asked about whether he would rejoin politics, Prashant Kishor said, "I am a failed politician. I have to go back and see what I have to do." He also spoke about the Bengal election and how the campaign was difficult.

By citing that Trinamool Congress had a tough fight, he said, "We went through hell. The Election Commission was blatantly partial and made our campaign difficult. We have been confident about doing very well and the TMC winning more than people were willing to give. The BJP was trying to build up massive propaganda that they are winning Bengal." He said that Modi's popularity won't mean BJP will win all elections. 

While some of the users were debating about his political future by leaving various speculations, others have been reminiscing Kishor's tweet last year and claiming that he has decided to quit after losing the challenge. In December 2020, when West Bengal was getting ready for the election campaigns, Prashant Kishor had taken to Twitter and wrote, "For all the hype AMPLIFIED by a section of supportive media, in reality, BJP will struggle to CROSS DOUBLE DIGITS in #WestBengal PS: Please save this tweet and if BJP does any better I must quit this space!" 

He vowed that he will quit this space if BJP does better in the West Bengal elections. According to reports, though BJP is far away from the sight of the victory, it has been nearing to get a hundred constituencies in West Bengal. The BJP has been leading in 77 seats while Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress has crossed 200 seats in lead. 

The social media users say that Kishor had quit his space after he failed in the challenge that BJP will struggle to cross double digits. Senior BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya had then in December replied to Kishor's tweet and said, "With the ongoing BJP tsunami in Bengal, after forming the government we will see the country lose a poll strategist." It must be noted that Prashant Kishor was earlier with Nitish Kumar' Janata Dal United and he was removed from the party last year. 


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