Shocking in Chennai: A government doctor commits suicide in a hotel room!

In a shocking piece of news, a government doctor based in Chennai was found dead in a hotel room on Thursday - November 25. The police had registered a case and launched a probe into the incident. The deceased doctor had left a suicide note and he was survived by his wife, who is also a doctor. 

According to reports, 34-year-old Maheswar was a government doctor attached to the Royapettah government hospital. A native of Cuddalore, Maheswar had been working as a surgeon for the past three years. On Wednesday, he went to a star hotel on Dr Radhakrishnan Salai in Mylapore and he asked his driver Karthik to go home and he decided to stay in the hotel. 

As Maheswar didn't report to the duty on Thursday, his friend Vinod tried reaching him. However, Maheswar was not reachable following which Vinod reached to driver Karthik, who told him that he had dropped Maheswar at a star hotel. After knowing that, Vinod went to the hotel and found that the room was locked from inside. When Vinod knocked on the door, there was no response after which he informed the hotel staff and the door was broken.

When Vinod entered the room, he was shocked to find Maheswar lying dead on the bed. He also found an empty syringe and a glucose bottle near him. It then came to the revelation that Maheswar has committed suicide by administering a lethal injection. The Royapettah police were informed and a team led by Royapettah Inspector Prem Anand had arrived at the hotel and conducted an inquiry. 

The police had recovered the body and sent it to the Royapettah Hospital for an autopsy. A case has been registered and the police had collected the syringe and medicines from the room for forensic examination. The officials had also retrieved Maheswar's suicide note in which he had written that no one was responsible for his death.