Shocking in Chennai: A man hurls a petrol bomb at a temple as God doesn't respond to his prayers!

In a shocking piece of news, the Chennai police have apprehended a man who hurled bomb at a temple after God doesn't respond to his prayers. Though the incident didn't hurt or injure anyone, it has sparked a new political friction with the BJP claiming that the ruling DMK government is responsible for the incident. BJP has recalled such incidents in the past and said that the law and order in the state has been deteriorating. 

According to reports, the suspect has been identified as 39-year-old Murali Krishnan and he had hurled a petrol bomb at Sri Veerabadraswami Temple in Mylapore, Chennai after he was upset that the God has failed to answer his prayers. When Krishnan hurled the bomb, he was under the influence of alcohol and he admitted that he hurled the bomb after getting frustrated that the God isn't answering his prayers. 

The police said that Murali Krishnan is into dry fruits business and he was immediately arrested and taken into custody. Indian Express quoted the temple priest saying that Krishnan entered the temple with something that looked like a bottle, lit it and threw at the deity. The priest said, "We were not near the deity, so none of us got injured. The flowers offered to God were burnt. Four of us were present there." 

The police have registered a case against Murali Krishnan under the sections of Explosive Substances Act and the probe is underway. The incident has happened amidst a festive season, owing to which the security arrangements have been beefed up in the temple. Responding to the incident, Tamil Nadu BJP chief Annamalai has claimed that the DMK government is responsible for the incident. 

Taking to social media, Annamalai wrote, "A petrol bomb was thrown at the Bharatiya Janata Party office in Chennai, a petrol bomb was thrown at the Governor's house, and a petrol bomb was thrown inside the temple today. Law and order in Tamil Nadu has gone to the bottom. The result of DMK's failure to control the separatist organizations that talk about pseudosecularism and semi-atheism has resulted in petrol bombs being thrown inside temples today. DMK government is fully responsible for this, as it tried to disguise the terror attack as a cylinder blast."