Shocking: This Chennai police officer slams the govt hospital for putting his daughter into a coma!

In what has become a shocking allegation, a police officer in Chennai has accused the children hospital in Chennai of its medical negligence while treating his daughter, that put her into coma. In the midst of treating his daughter, police officer Kothandapani has been attempting to reach out to Chief Minister MK Stalin over the apathy from the hospital, but he is alleging that he has been barred from meeting Stalin. 

Kothandapani is a head constable at the P2 Otteri police station in Chennai and he has a daughter, who is suffering from severe medical conditions. Kothandapani said that his 10-year-old daughter is suffering from epilepsy and had gone into a coma due to the negligence of the doctors at the Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children in Egmore, Chennai. 

The police officer has also been slamming the hospital for fabricating a 'no medical negligence' statement with his signature on it. It has also been reported that Kothandapani went to the Chief Secretariat to submit his plea to Chief Minister MK Stalin on April 13 and that he was denied entry. Kothandapani's daughter was getting treated for Nephrotic Syndrome for the past seven years at the Egmore Hospital. 

She had an epilepsy attack during her treatment and while undergoing treatment, the parents had alleged that the doctors had then incorrectly diagnosed her with brain fever and started treatment for the same. With the wrong diagnosis, Kothandapani alleged that the doctors went on to prescribe medicines that led to side effects such as paralysis of hands and legs, and caused kidney issues. 

Kothandapani alleged that the adverse impacts of medicines had turned her daughter's right leg black. According to The News Minute, Kothandapani said, "We approached the doctors at the Egmore Hospital and they claimed that her leg had blood clots underneath, which will soon subside. However, it got worse with time and she lost sensation in that leg below her knee. When we took her for another check-up, the same doctors who had said that the clots would subside declared that the leg had to be amputated." 

He further alleged that the hospital had also done an urgent dialysis to her daughter without her parents permission. Now, as Kothandapani has slammed the hospital for the medical negligence that put her daughter into a coma, the hospital's director had denied Kothandapani's allegations about the medical negligence and said that the police officer had in 2022 submitted in writing that there was no negligence in her daughter's treatment. 

When the hospital has used Kothandapani's writing to its defence, the police officer has said that he hasn't signed any such document and stated that the hospital authorities had asked for his signature on a blank paper by citing that it's related to his child's discharge papers, due to which he signed it. Kothandapani has also alleged that the hospital authorities are aware of the doctors' negligence and they are trying to escape from the consequences. 

Following the medical negligence, Kothandapani said that he has lost confidence in the government hospitals in Chennai and has shifted his daughter to a private hospital in Vellore. However, he has been making attempts to appeal to the higher authorities to ensure that the doctors responsible for his daughter's conditions are punished. 

On April 13, Kothandapani went to the Chief Secretariat to submit his plea to Chief Minister MK Stalin to take action on the doctors for their medical negligence towards treating her daughter. However, the police officer was denied entry and that close to fifty police officers blocked him at the Secretariat. Kothandapani had also received a call from Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian and the latter informed the former that a committee has been formed to probe the matter. However, Kothandapani is yet to receive any official communication regarding the probe.