Shocking in Chennai...A techie kills his wife, his two kids, and commits suicide! Here's what happened

In a shocking piece of news, a techie in Chennai has killed his wife and his kids before committing suicide. The dreadful incident happened near Pallavaram in Chennai in the night hours of Friday- May 27. The deceased engineer was a software professional and he had severed the throats of his wife and kids with a power saw that was used to cut down the trees. 

According to police, the engineer had also used the same tool to kill himself. 42-year-old engineer Prakash had been working in a private software company. He was living with his family in Venkateshwara Nagar at Polichalur near Pallavaram. On Friday, he has killed his wife, 39-year-old Gayathri, his daughter 11-year-old Nithya Shree, and his son 9-year-old Hari Krishnan.

After killing them with a saw, he killed himself. After knowing about the shocking incident, the local people had informed the Sankar Nagar police. Based on their information, the officials had rushed to the spot and recovered the dead bodies. The preliminary inquiries had revealed that Prakash had resorted to the extreme step due to debt. The police suspect that the engineer could be sedated his family members before killing them. 

The police had also recovered a suicide note left by Prakash in which the latter didn't blame anyone behind his death. According to reports, Prakash's father went to Prakash's home on Saturday morning and found them dead. The bodies were later sent to the Government General Hospital, Chromepet, to conduct an autopsy. 

Tambaram Police Commissioner M Ravi and Deputy Commissioner of Police Sibi Chakravarthy had inspected the scene of the crime. The police further said that Prakash's wife was running a Siddha medicine outlet and Prakash has taken the decision to end life due to the growing debts. Following the incident, the experts from the Forensic Science Department had collected samples. 

Speaking to the media, Tambaram Police Commissioner Ravi said, "As per our initial investigation, Prakash had procured an electric wood-cutting machine online on May 19. He murdered his wife and children before ending his life. It is suspected that he took the extreme decision because of the financial burden and we have recovered a suicide note stuck on the wall."