Shocking: A College girl in Tamil Nadu commits suicide...Here's what happened!

A College girl in Tamil Nadu has taken the extreme step of ending her life after her morphed pictures were circulated on social media. The incident had happened on Monday and the local police department has been probing the case and tracking the IDs from where the photos were posted. 

According to reports, the college student had committed suicide by jumping into a well in her locality in Chengalpattu. The 20-year-old victim was a third-year student and a native of Vembakkam village.  She was habitually posting her pictures on social media sites. Some unknown miscreants had taken her pictures, morphed them, and uploaded them on other portals. 

The brother and some of the friends of the student had seen the circulated pictures and they enquired about her pictures with another man being circulated online. The girl, who was previously warned by her family not to share the pictures online, was shocked to see her morphed pictures and feared that the pictures would bring disrepute to her family. She was also receiving multiple phone calls from her friends about the morphed pictures. 

After getting frustrated by the development, she has left home on Sunday without informing her family members. Her family members who were searching for her, finally found her dead in an abandoned farm well. After learning about the incident, the police had reached the spot and recovered the body, and sent it for an autopsy. Chengalpattu taluk police have registered a case to probe into the incident. 

The police said that the person in the photograph with the student was a college student from the same locality. Both of them were students of the same tuition centre. When the police investigated the student, he denied any role in morphing and he said that it would be the work of some miscreants.  

According to reports, Chengalpattu taluk police have traced four different social media IDs from which the morphed pictures were uploaded. A police officer said that one picture and two IDs were already been deleted by the person who had posted it. The officials are tracking the other two IDs. Police have apprehended a youth in the locality for investigating and the officials are probing in the angle that it could be an act of taking revenge on the victim.