Shocking double murder in TN: Police reveal what's the reason behind the murder!

In what has become a shocking development that displayed the dominance of caste in young people in Tamil Nadu, two Dalit men- Suriya and Arjunan were murdered near Arakkonam on Wednesday. The dreadful double murders had stunned the state and the police have launched a probe into the crime and the law enforcement agency has arrested six people so far in connection to the murder including two people who were arrested on Friday. 

According to reports, the Ranipet district police have arrested two more persons - Sathya and Karthi in connection to the double murder. The district police chief said that Sathya is the son of the local secretary of the state ruling ADMK party. Two Dalit men - Suriya and Arjunan, a native of Gowtham Nagar, were murdered in the caste-centric quarrel on Wednesday night while the incident had also caused severe injuries to three others. 

In light of the incident, the police had launched a probe into the deaths and arrested six people so far. The case has been booked against them under the charges of murder and the police have also slapped the provisions of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe  (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 on the accused as the victims were hailing from the SC community. 

The incident has happened a day after the assembly polls in Tamil Nadu and it had stirred massive outrage across the state and among the political parties which demanded strong action against the perpetrators. The district unit of the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi  (VCK) has alleged that the murders were caused by political tensions and the party further said that members of the dominant community in the region were irked to see the campaigning done by two murdered men for the VCK candidate against the ADMK candidate in the state assembly polls. 

However, the police denied the party's version and claimed that the action was triggered by a sudden provocation. Speaking to a news agency, Ranipet district Superintendent of Police Sivakumar has said that the two Dalit men were going by bike during which they had waved their hand at a member of the Vanniyar community by thinking that it was one of their friends. However, the member of the Vanniyar community got offended by their action and judged that they were arrogant.

It was after this development that both of them had been involved in a dispute and they then called their friends to the spot and the police chief said that the members of the Vanniyar community came with weapons to the spot after which they were murdered. The arrested people include Surendran, Ajith, Madhan, Nandakumar, S Karthick, and Sathya. 

In a statement, the police said that the department has been taking appropriate measures as per the provision of the law and acting in an unbiased manner and the department will take action against all those who are involved in this crime. It further assured that it would take appropriate measures to expedite the financial aid to the victims' families under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.