Shocking incident in MP shows the dreadful impact of playing online games!

In a dreadful incident of where the addiction on the online games could lead, an 11-year-old boy had killed a 10-year-old girl after she had repeatedly beaten him in the online game. The incident had happened on Monday afternoon in Lasudia locality in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 

According to the police, the boy was very upset at the girl after the latter had beaten the former multiple times in the online game called 'Free Fire'. The girl, who was a class 6 student, had left her home on Monday afternoon to pluck some flowers and she hasn't returned home. The hunt was launched to find her and to everyone's shock, the body of the girl was found in a vacant plot near her house. Her head was crushed and covered in stones. 

The police had launched the investigation and based on the CCTV footage and statements of the neighbors, the police had traced and located the minor boy who had shut himself inside the washroom of his home. He was then detained and taken under custody, within two hours of the crime reported on Monday afternoon. During the investigation, it came to the revelation that the accused boy, the victim girl, and her nine-year-old younger brother used to play together. 

They would play the online game 'Free Fire' during which the girl would always beat the boy and she would also help her younger brother to beat the accused boy in the game following which he got upset that he was repeatedly beaten by the girl and his upset had driven him to tailor enmity against the girl and he planned to kill her. The boy also went suspicious on the girl that she had killed his pet white rat and on Monday afternoon, he confronted the girl and killed her. 

According to the reports, the boy and girl got into a scuffle, they pelted stones at each other and the girl was finally hit on the head and fell down and the boy killed her by repeatedly hitting her in her head. The incident came to light around 2.00 pm and the accused was caught by 4.00 pm and he was taken under custody. The police had denied the grounds of sexual assault. 

However, some of the relatives of the victim said that they were told about the involvement of another youth in the crime and they raised questions that they are not convinced that the online game or killing of a rat could be the reason for the crime. The police have denied such grounds. They further alarmed the parents about the online behavior of their children.

The incident has pressed the importance of monitoring the children on what kind of games they are playing and its impact on their lives and minds. The incident also has alarmed the parents that they need to introspect in raising their children, as it has revealed that the online games won't entertain always, it might haunt the lives.