Shocking in Kolkata: Another model found dead...Second such incident in three days!

In three days of time, Kolkata has witnessed the startling deaths of two female models and the developments have sent shockwaves across the country. It would be the third such death in a fortnight if we add the death of popular actor, Pallabi Dey, to the tally.

The back to back events had sparked a fresh challenge to the state government and the common factor that connect these incidents is all these deaths were by suicide. On Friday- May 27, popular Bengali model Manjusha Niyogi was found dead by hanging in her room at her residence in Kolkata's Patuli.

The incident has become the talk of the town and her mother has claimed that her daughter was suffering from acute depression after the death of her friend and colleague in the industry, Bidisha De Majumder, who had died two days ago. Majumder was a prominent model in Kolkata and she was a popular face in bridal make-up photo shoots.

She was found hanging inside her rented apartment in Dumdum, Koltaka in the evening hours of Wednesday - May 25. Majumder and Niyogi were close friends and two days after the death of Majumder, Niyogi had also died by committing suicide.

Niyogi's mother has said, "My daughter was severely depressed following her friend Bidisha's death and was constantly talking about her since then." The police have launched a probe into Niyogi's death and her body was sent to a hospital to perform an autopsy. Two weeks ago, popular Bengali television actor Pallavi Dey was also found hanging inside her rented apartment in the Garfa region.