Shocking: This man threatens to divorce his wife as she has voted for BJP in the polls!

In a weird incident in Uttar Pradesh, a man, named Tasleem Ansari has allegedly threatened to divorce his wife after she confessed that she has voted for the BJP in the recently-held assembly polls, where BJP has recorded a landslide victory for the second consecutive term. Following the threat, Ansari's wife Najma Ulma has approached an NGO that works for women's rights to complain against her husband. 

According to reports, Najma Ulma is a resident of Ajaz Nagar in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Her husband Tasleem Ansari belongs to a family that is full of Samajwadi party supporters. The couple had got married in January 2021, despite opposition from both families. They were living separately from relatives in rented accommodation. As Ansari's family is supporting the Samajwadi Party, the uncle of Ansari, Tayyab, had told the family members including Najma, to vote for the Samajwadi Party in the election. 

Uttar Pradesh has hosted a seven-phase election and voting in Bareilly took place on February 14, during the second phase. After the results were made public on March 10, Ansari's uncle has asked each family member who they had voted for. While his family members had voted for Samajwadi, Najma Ulma has said that she has voted for the BJP as she was impressed by the revocation of triple talaq and by the provision of a free nation.

After knowing that Najma had voted for BJP, Ansari was asked to divorce her. However, though Ansari didn't divorce her, he had beaten up Najma and thrown her out of their home. He further threatened to kill her. Najma Ulma said that she was not the only Muslim woman who had voted for the BJP. She said, "There are many like me who have been impressed by the party's work for women and voted for it. My only mistake is that I had informed my family that I have voted for BJP." 

She further said that she was scared for the future of her five sisters. By citing that there are no differences between her and her husband, Najma said that her vote is her decision. After being threatened by her husband, Najma Ulma has approached the Mera Haq Foundation, an NGO that works for women's rights, to complain against her husband. 

The foundation's chairperson Farhat Naqvi said, "We will make both the families sit and talk through the issue. Hopefully, a compromise will be reached." It must be noted that Farhat Naqvi is the sister of Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, who is the Union Minister for Minority Affairs in the current Modi regime.