Shocking: Popular dancer, who appeared in Ajith's 'Thunivu', found dead in Chennai on his birthday!

In a shocking piece of news, popular dancer Ramesh was found dead on the ground floor of his apartment in Chennai on January 27. He was 49 and had a huge fanbase on social media. Ramesh was widely known and followed for his dance. Notably, he had appeared in the movie 'Thunivu', starred by Ajith. The movie hit the big screens on January 11, during the occasion of the Pongal festival. After learning about his demise, several fans and fraternities are expressing their condolences to the bereaving families. 

Ramesh marked his birthday on January 27. However, he was found dead on the ground floor of his apartment in Tamil Nadu Slum Board Flats, KP Park, near Pulianthope, Chennai. It has been reported that he had died by suicide and the Basin Bridge police have launched a probe into the nature of his death. Ramesh was popular among the netizens as he had been publishing his dance moves on social media including Instagram. 

Ramesh had garnered prominence on Instagram through performing the 'moonwalk', that had a significant part in the glorious legacy of the late dancer, Michael Jackson. According to reports, he had gained nealry 80 thousand followers on Instagram and several videos have reached a million views. Ramesh had also appeared in many television shows like 'Dance Jodi Dance Reloaded'. 

His recent appearance in Ajith's starred Thunivu had widened his boundary of popularity. He also had danced with Superstar Rajinikanth in the actor's upcoming movie 'Jailer'. It has been reported that Ramesh was residing with his second wife near Moore Market, Chennai.

His first wife was residing in the ten-storeyed apartment in KP Park. As he celebrated his birthday on January 27, he went to visit his first wife. In some time, he was found dead on the ground floor of his apartment. Following the incident, the police have filed a case under Section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code and are investigating the dancer's death.