Shocking revelation about the spouse of one of the Hyd encountered accused!

Nearly after a fortnight since the Hyderabad police had encountered and shot dead the four accused of the gang-rape and murder case of a 26-year-old female veterinary doctor, the shocking revelation has now come to the spotlight that the wife of one of the encountered accused Chennakesavulu is aged 13.

It has been reported that 28-year-old Chennakesavulu married the minor girl four months ago at the age of 13 while she was in her seventh grade. The shocking details were exposed during the investigations which claimed that she was born in 2006 and was studying at the school close to the locality of the deceased. The reports say that the authorities had found out the information while investigating the management of the school.



After the death of Chennakesavulu, the minor girl has reportedly been residing at his house along with the parents of Chennakesavulu and the district child welfare association had now directed the family to hand over the girl under its control. Chennakesavulu is one among the accused with Mohammad Areef, Jollu Shiva and Jollu Naveen, who was shot dead by the police on December 6th, 2019 after reportedly attempted to evade the investigations on the gangrape and murder case that had ignited the shockwaves across the nation. The police had encountered the accused in the middle of the voices and uproar which demanded the death penalty for their brutal crime.

On November 27th, a 26-year-old female Hyderabad Veterinary doctor was reportedly gang-raped and brutally murdered by these four accused who belong to Narayanpet district. Following their crime, they had allegedly carried the body and set ablaze at Chatanpally village, a few kilometers away from the place where she was killed.

Four men accused of gangraping and murdering the Hyderabad doctor


On December 13th, the Supreme court has installed a three-member inquiry commission with the view of conducting the probe into the Hyderabad encounter case in which the four accused with the connection to the gangrape and murder case where it had appointed a three-member commission headed by former Justice of the Supreme Court V S Sirpurkar to initiate the investigations into the encounter and the other two members of the commission are former Justice of Bombay High court Rekha Baldota and former CBI director Karthikeyan.