A shocking revelation: TN Police were warned of Kallakurichi riots much earlier...Why they turned it down?

The rampage that unfolded in the Kallakurichi district of Tamil Nadu over the death of a Class 12 girl could have been mitigated, had the concerned police department acted on the much-earlier warning from the Intelligence that there were possibilities of riots and violence. However, the cops took it lightly and later realised the magnitude of the protests and by that time, the violence went out of control. 

As a sequel to that, the Tamil Nadu government has transferred both the Collector and Superintendent of Police of Kallakurichi and the government has also transferred the Inspector-General of Intelligence. According to the reports in the know, the Intelligence Bureau on Thursday - July 21 revealed that they had warned the Kallakurichi district police before two days of the protest and a dozen times about the possibility of the riots. 

It has been reported that the Intelligence Bureau warned on July 15 that there was a possibility of student organizations and other organizations merging together to attack the school. Two days before the riots took place, the officials also had warned the Villupuram and Kallakurichi district police officers. However, for the district police officials, the warnings weren't palpable and they turned it down, which further escalated tensions. 

The reports say that the police department didn't give importance to this warning and took it as a routine and was indifferent. On Sunday- July 17, hundreds of thousands of people thronged the school and started attacking the premises over the death of a girl student. The school sits on Kaniyamoor and with a less number of forces in hand, it was an ordeal for the police department to contain the growing agitations after which several police personnel from the nearby districts were deployed to mitigate the riots. 

The rioters had torched the buses of a private school in which the girl was studying and they also had damaged several properties of the school. The police department was accused of not acting to curb the riots and the matter has now emerged as an issue between the district police and intelligence agencies. The district police were slammed for not taking the warning seriously and not installing proper precautions to subdue the riots. 

While the probe into the girl's death was taken by the CBCID, an investigation is also underway to ascertain whether the warning given by the Intelligence officials was brought to the attention of the Superintendent of Police. The 17-year-old girl was studying Class 12 in a private residential school and she was found dead on July 13 on the hostel premises. As the autopsy report had shown that the girl sustained injuries before her death, it sparked an outcry against the school and the protests had drawn nationwide attention and the police have apprehended the school officials and the elements behind the unprecedented riots.