Shocking: A student of Chennai's top college commits suicide by jumping in front of a moving train!

In a shocking piece of news, a post-graduate student in Chennai has committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving train at Thiruninravur railway station. He was studying at Presidency College, which is one of the top institutions in the city, and he has taken an extreme step after being humiliated by a group of students from another college. 

According to reports, the deceased has been identified as Kumar and was a native of Ranipet and the Tiruvallur railway police have registered a case and begun the probe into the suicide. It has been reported that Kumar was intercepted at the Thiruninravur railway station on Monday by a group of students of Pachaiyappa's College.

The group had teased and humiliated him and they had let Kumar leave by asking him to consider his life as a dole given by them. The reports say that after being humiliated, Kumar had decided to end his life and he didn't attend college and hasn't returned home. 

He stayed at the railway station till Tuesday night and before committing suicide, Kumar had sent an audio message to his friends in which he said that he didn't want to live a life that was given to him as alms. He then ended his life by jumping in front of the moving train on Tuesday night. After learning about the incident, the Thiruvallur Railway Police had rushed to the spot, recovered his body, and launched a probe into his suicide.