Shocking! Supporting actress assaulted on set of director Bala's upcoming film Vanangaan

(This article is authored by Alar)

The upcoming film Vanangaan has been hit by a disturbing event has occurred during the shooting, which has sent shockwaves throughout the film industry. The incident involves a supporting actress, Linda, who was claimed physically assaulted by the coordinator Jithin, after she demanded payment for her work on the film. The incident has sparked outrage, and a police complaint has been filed against Jithin.

Vanangaan, directed by renowned filmmaker Bala, stars Arun Vijay and Roshini Prakashum in lead roles, with supporting actors and actresses from Kerala. The film's shooting is currently taking place in the Kanyakumari area, where the incident occurred.

Reports suggest that after three days of shooting, the supporting actors and actresses were not paid their agreed-upon salary. In certain, Linda was said to be owed a total of Rs. 22,600 for three days of work. When Linda asked Jithin for the payment, he allegedly became enraged and physically assaulted her.

Linda sustained an injury to her cheek and was treated as an outpatient at the Kanyakumari government hospital. She subsequently filed a complaint at the Kanyakumari police station, which has shocked the film fraternity. Many have condemned the incident and have called for action to be taken against the coordinated.

Meanwhile, the director and the production company have not issued a statement regarding the incident. However, the filming of Vanangaan continues with Arun Vijay replacing Suriya and Roshini Prakash replacing Keerthy Shetty as the lead pair, after the director has announced that actor Suriya and his production house 2D Entertainment will not be a part of his upcoming film Vanangaan, which was announced with much fanfare last year upon a month of shooting.