Shocking: A Tamil Nadu Police officer is arrested for sexually harassing a woman!

In a shocking piece of news, a police officer in Tamil Nadu was arrested for allegedly harassing a woman, who was returning home from the theatre. The incident had happened last Saturday when the woman was returning home with a friend from the theatre and it has come to the revelation after the affected woman had attempted to take her own life, following which she was hospitalized. 

Murugan was a police constable attached to the Thilagar Thidal police station in Madurai and on Saturday, he stopped a woman who was returning home with a friend from the theatre. He had threatened the two and later sexually assaulted the woman. According to reports, the woman was working in a shop in Avaniapuram and she had gone for a late-night show with friends to a theatre in Sellur. After the movie, she was returning home with one of her friends, Mahesh, during which Murugan had stopped them. 

It has been reported that Murugan had verbally abused the duo and questioned what they were doing together at late night. He went on to ask for money from them. Murugan then took Mahesh's mobile and his wallet and asked for his ATM Pin. He had sent Mahesh to his home by saying that he will take the woman to her home. But, Murugan had taken the woman to a lodge and sexually harassed her and he had threatened the woman that he will file a case of prostitution against her if she says about the harassment to anyone. 

He then had sent her home in auto and he also had withdrawn Rs 30,000 from Mahesh's bank account using his ATM card. The reports say that the affected woman had attempted to commit suicide on Sunday after getting harassed. She was then hospitalized after which the incident came to light. She had later approached the police and filed a complaint against constable Murugan. Her friend Mahesh, whose money the constable swindled, had also filed a complaint. The police had filed an FIR against constable Murugan under Section 376- rape of the IPC.