Shocking in TN: A 21-year-old man was arrested for forcing her partner to convert to Islam!

In a shocking piece of news, the Tamil Nadu police have apprehended a 21-year-old man on the charges of harassing her partner and forcing her to convert to Islam. A case has been filed against him under serious sections including sexual harassment, punishment for criminal intimidation, and under the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. The accused man has been taken under custody as the incident of the attempt of a forcible religious conversion has sent shockwaves across the state. 

According to reports, 21-year-old Iman Hameef has been accused of harassing his partner and threatening her that he would release her private photos if she refused to convert to Islam. Hameef is a resident of Tirupur and was working in a garment unit. Following his threats, his partner had filed a complaint with the police after which the horrific crime had come to the light. The Nallur police department in Tirupur had booked a case against Hameef based on the woman's complaint. 

As per the FIR, Iman Hameef had taken possession of his partner's smartphone and posted private photos of her on two of her Instagram accounts. Iman went on to call her friends and family and forwarded her private photos to them through WhatsApp. In her complaint, the victim has said that Iman had threatened to share more pictures of her if she fails to convert to Islam. She further said that Iman would come home in an inebriated state and would hit her. 

Iman had demanded her gold earrings by claiming that his father was not doing well. Besides harassing and forcing her to a religious conversion, Iman had also disparaged her for belonging to a backward community. Despite her refusal for converting to Islam, he had been insulting her based on her caste. The woman is a native of Thirumanilayure in the Karur district and she moved to Tirupur with Iman after the latter has got a job in a garment unit. 

In her complaint, she further said that Iman had insisted on her initially getting married immediately. He said that they can conduct the marriage based on the Islamic custom and he had been forcing her to convert to Islam. Shockingly, Iman went on to force her partner to wear a hijab and to pray on Fridays as per the Islamic tradition. She has moved her complaint to the Nallur police in Tirupur on May 5, 2022, and based on the complaint, the police had filed an FIR against Iman. 

The police had arrested Iman Hameef on Wednesday - May 11 and he has now been lodged at the Tirupur district prison. A case has been filed against Iman under the charges of sexual harassment, punishment for criminal intimidation of the IPC, intentionally insulting or intimidating to humiliate a person of the SC/ST Prevention Act, section 66C- punishment for fraudulently or dishonestly making use of the electronic signature, password etc for any other person, 66E - punishment for violation of privacy, 67A - punishment for publishing or transmitting of material containing the sexually explicit act, and under the sections of the Information Technology Act.