Shocking in TN: An ADMK panchayat president was killed in front of his family in Chennai!

In a shocking piece of news, an ADMK panchayat president was hacked to death in front of his family in Minjur, on the outskirts of Chennai. The incident has happened during the night hours of Sunday - May 15. The local police department has filed a case and launched a probe into this horrendous crime. 

According to reports, 44-year-old Manoharan was the panchayat president of Kondakarai in the Tiruvallur district. He had been an ADMK functionary and he was hacked to death by a gang of ten members. He had been a prominent face in the party's district unit. On Sunday, he went with his family in a car to attend an event at Kuruvimedu near Minjur. 

While he was returning to his home with his family after the event during the night hours of Sunday, a truck has collided with his car near Kuruvimedu. When Manoharan had gotten out of the car, a ten-member gang had disembarked from the truck and immediately, the gang began to attack Manoharan and hacked him to death in front of his family. The gang had also attacked Manoharan's wife and daughters who tried to stop them from attacking Manoharan.

The women had sustained minor injuries and the gang had fled the spot while Manoharan was lying on a blood pool. Later, the local villagers had rescued the panchayat president and he was rushed to a private hospital in Wimco Nagar. However, the doctors had declared him brought dead. The incident of a brutal murder of an ADMK leader had sparked tensions in the Tiruvallur district. 

The Minjur police had filed a case and launched a probe into the incident. The officials are gathering evidence connected to the crime and they are also investigating the crime from an angle whether Manoharan was murdered due to a professional enmity. Meanwhile, several ADMK leaders are also paying tribute to the slain leader and expressing condolences to his family.