Shocking: This TN Hindu Munnani functionary gets arrested for faking petrol bomb attack on his own house!

In a shocking piece of news, Tamil Nadu police arrested a Hindu Munnani functionary for hurling a petrol bomb at his own house and faking the entire event. A case has been registered against him under several sections as his game for gaining publicity got busted. 

The recently-arrested Hindu Munnai functionary has also been getting slammed for his petrol bomb drama that boomeranged against him. According to reports, 40-year-old Sakkarapani is a resident of Kumbakonam and he has been serving as the Town Secretary of the Hindu Munnani, a right-wing in the state. On Monday- November 21, he called the Kumbakonam East police station saying that unknown miscreants hurled a petrol bomb in front of his house.

Sakkarapani further claimed that he heard a loud noise and found pieces of shattered glass outside his house. Based on the information, Kumbakonam Superintendent of Police Ravali Priya and several top officials including forensic personnel visited Sakkarapani's house and investigated the matter. After learning about the attack, the BJP cadres and other Hindu Munnani functionaries gathered at the spot and demanded strict action. 

When the investigation was underway, the police officials developed suspicion about Sakkarapani and his claims. The officials searched his house after which the truth came to light that the entire event is a drama being played by him. The reports say that the police found that the wicks used in the bottle which he said was thrown at his house matched the cloth that was taken from his house. 

By having this evidence, the police drilled Sakkarapani and after knowing that there was no room to escape, he eventually confessed that no one has thrown a petrol bomb and that he made fake claims to gain publicity. Sakkarapani was making plans to get a Personal Security Officer (PSO) as part of his publicity stint and as such PSOs were provided to several Hindu Munnani leaders after their lives were under threat, he tried the same way to pretend that his life too was under threat. 

He then decided to fake a drama of a petrol bomb attack following which the police will award him security. However, Sakkarapani had an egg on his face as he confessed to what had happened. Based on his confessions, the local VAO filed a complaint against him after which the police registered a case against him under several sections of IPC and arrested him.