Shocking: This TN man files a cheating complaint against Reliance Jio...Here's what happened!

(This article is authored by Alar) 

A customer from Tamil Nadu's Tirunelveli district has accused Reliance Jio of defrauding him on the OTT services. The customer, Senthilkumaran, has moved his complaint to the Tirunelveli Consumer Commission, in which he alleged that he had received a fake offer from Jio.

Senthilkumaran is a native of Palayamkottai and is an engineer by profession. He is using Jio network services for internet connectivity. He said that the company informed him that OTT services like Amazon Prime would be of free-of-cost. However, it wasn't and he was shocked to know that Jio has given him a fake offer, following which he decided to take action against the company. 

He later learned that he had only been given access to 4G service and 5G connections would be offered to him for free in the future, with OTT subscriptions like Amazon Prime Video followingly. Senthilkumaran has claimed that following the complaint, his Jio plan was examined and he also went three months without a 5G connection. 

He then filed a complaint to Tirunelveli Consumer Commission as a result. The Consumer Commission's chairman, who conducted the investigation, directed the company to pay Rs 10,000.  Reliance Jio has launched 5G services in 4 cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, and Kolkata. As per Jio's 4G official plans, there are 399, 599, 799, and 999 plans available, which offer free OTT subscription plans with 75GB to 200GB data rollovers including 100 free SMS, unlimited calls, and free subscriptions for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions.