Shocking: Two people died in Tamil Nadu during the Jallikattu events!

In a shocking piece of news, two people have died in Tamil Nadu on Monday - January 16 during the Jallikattu events at two different locations. The iconic Jallikattu bull-taming sport is widely popular across the country and it will be conducted at several districts of Tamil Nadu on the occasion of Pongal during which a group of trained men would attempt to grab and control the bull.

While hundred would take part in the battlefield, the sport would also injure many as the frenzy bulls would hurt them to escape from their control. On Monday, the Palamedu village in the Madurai district had hosted the Jallikattu event amid a rousing audience. Hundreds of bull tamers had participated in the event and a bull tamer, 26-year-old Arvind Raj, had died after he was attacked by a bull.

Arvind Raj was in good position in Monday's game by taming nine bulls and after being hit by a bull, he sustained severe injuries. Arvind Raj was rushed to Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital for treatments. However, he didn't respond to the treatment and eventually, he breathed his last. The incident had saddened the people across and beyond the village and on the other hand, a spectator who was watching the Jallikattu event in the Trichy district has died after being run over by a bull. 

According to reports, 25-year-old Arvind was a native of Pudukottai. He had come to Suriyur in Trichy to watch the Jallikattu event that held on Monday. He was standing on the spectator stand and was watching the sport with bulls going berserk. Suddenly, a bull attacked and ran over him after which he was critically injured. 

He was then taken to a government hospital in Trichy and has died at the hospital. It has been reported that over 25 people were injured at the event in Trichy and the police were clearing the spectators from the field. On Sunday, the Jallikattu event that held at Avaniyapuram, Madurai had witnessed over 50 men getting injured. While Palamedu has hosted the Jallikattu on Monday, Madurai's Alanganallur will be hosting the Jallikattu on Tuesday.