'This should not happen anywhere': Big warning from MK Stalin to govt secretaries!

Taking stock of the lack of coordination between the secretaries of government departments, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin warned the bureaucrats that such incongruous conduct should not happen anywhere under any circumstances. For the first time since he took office last year, MK Stalin expressed his displeasure over the prevailing lack of coordination in his administration. 

On Tuesday, MK Stalin chaired a review meeting with the secretaries of more than forty government departments. In what has become a fourth such review meeting in fifteen months, the unhappy Chief Minister has expressed his displeasure over the lack of coordination among the department secretaries and their subordinates in discharging their duties. 

MK Stalin noted that such conduct would result in a delay in implementing welfare programmes of the government. In a warning tone, he said, "I am aware of the lack of coordination between ministers and department secretaries in certain departments. This should not happen anywhere, anytime, in any department and under any circumstances."  

During the review meeting that ran for four hours, MK Stalin reviewed the implementation of government schemes. He said of the 1,680 announcements made by the DMK government during the last fiscal year, orders were issued for 94% of cases and the works are in progress. He further said that 1,634 announcements were made during this fiscal year and the orders were issued for 57% of the announcements. 

By citing that he and his ministers are directly in contact with the department secretaries through which there has been better coordination, the Chief Minister asked the secretaries, "Do you and your subordinates in your department observe a similar coordination?." He stated that some departments don't have such coordination which will cause a delay in implementing the welfare projects. 

He further directed the bureaucrats to hold meetings continuously with the subordinates to consult, monitor, and discuss the implementation of the schemes. The Chief Minister instructed the secretaries to carry out field inspections to ensure that the government schemes reach the beneficiaries across the state. MK Stalin straightly told the officials that there should be no delay in implementing the schemes.

He said, "It is a fact that we are facing a financial crisis. Therefore, funds should be allocated swiftly to the schemes that are on the priority list and they should be implemented immediately." By advising Chief Secretary Irai Anbu to review the work of the government officers, MK Stalin reiterated that the schemes announced by the Chief Minister and the ministers should be completed in time.

MK Stalin further noted that certain departments are failing to upload the information on the progress of execution of schemes in the Chief Minister's dashboard, despite such instructions being given. The Chief Minister said, "It is in my notice that certain departments are not interested to upload the data. All departments must upload data immediately to provide good governance."