Simbu's Pongal treat: 'Easwaran'...a sweet or bitter comeback?

Simbu has been unusually active post COVID-19 lockdown and his strong transformation has truly surprised his fans, showing how the confinement had helped the actor to resurge for a new and potential chapter of his life. While fans relished his surprise, he swiftly took part in the shooting of 'Easwaran', and the shooting was completed in a month and it was shot in Tamil Nadu and giving more excitement to his fans, Easwaran slated for release during Pongal by braving Vijay's Master. The movie was released on Thursday and whether the fans, who relished his transformation, had rejoiced his acting and whether he had a strong comeback? Let's review...

Bharathiraja lives in a village near Palani after having been estranged by his sons and family. Simbu comes to defend Bharathiraja. His family gets reunited in the village due to the COVID-19 lockdown. At the same time, the story revolves around whether Simbu had saved Bharathiraja's family from the hostility of the antagonist and whether he destroys the villain.

Simbu, after the transformation, has come up with a fresh and young appearance, but screenplay will play a vital role in making the audience travel throughout the story. Simbu's appearance in the movie was slightly less and his timing dialogues were better scripted and delivered. Though the movie has two female leads - Nidhi Aggarwal and Nandhitha Swetha, they had limited roles and their roles didn't work out as expected. 

Bharathiraja appears in many scenes than Simbu and his acting, character, and background story carries the movie and it also became the strength of the movie. Bharathiraja has given life to his role through his subtle acting and delivery while the comedy scenes of Balasaravanan and Muneeskanth had worked well in some places and Kaali Venkat has grabbed good attention.  

While antagonist Stun Siva carried the possibility of becoming a notable villain artist in the Tamil industry, his role in the movie didn't have much recognition. The movie clearly shows to be the template of already watched and tired storylines of Kollywood and it gave the feeling that director Suseendhran was very keen to finish the movie swiftly. But his script has presented some interesting scenes at the backdrop of the village and its surrounding lifestyle and placing the COVID-19 lockdown in the movie was a perfect setting as it took the story close to the audience. 

The songs and the village scenes were nice through the cameras of Thirunavukkarasu while Thaman's music gets quickly passed and neither songs nor the background music added strengths to the movie. Finally, Easwaran is one time watchable for the families but Simbu fans had disappointment as a takeaway from the theaters as there were less curiosity and interesting scenes to celebrate Simbu's comeback. The movie wasn't as expected by the fans as apart from his transformation, the movie ends to be just another Simbu movie and not exceed the scale of expectation for the comeback.