Simbu's sudden surprise to his fans!

If we queue up the actors of Tamil Cinema industry under the grounds of skills and talents, Actor Silambarasan, who commonly known as Simbu, would be deserved with the important place but for the past few years, his talent-based identity has been replaced with back to back accusations and controversies that were raised by the artists of the Tamil Cinema. Some of the heated controversies circling Simbu include prolonging absenteeism to the movies that he agreed and skipping the movies after bagging the advance. 

Recently, Director Lingusamy had speared the accusations against Simbu on failing to repay Rs 1 crore that was given to him after he agreed to act in the movie 'Vettai' and while the accusations remain unanswered, it has certainly impacted his fans who, despite the stir, have unchanging love on their favorite actor. Simbu has been knocked with the fresh allegations that were aired by Producer Suresh Kamatchi, who is producing the movie 'Maanadu'. 

                               Simbu in Maanadu 


A few months ago, Suresh Kamatchi had directly accused Simbu of being un-cooperative for the movie despite the announcement has been made and he cited that Simbu's absenteeism had failed to have scheduled movie shooting and stated that he has been looking for the replacement for Simbu in the movie and his declaration on removing Simbu has shocked his fans who are eagerly and desperately waiting for his movie.

(L-R) Director Venkat Prabhu, Simbu, and Producer Suresh Kamatchi


Simbu's fans have thought that 'Maanadu' which is directed by Venkat Prabhu would be one of the successful movies for Little Super Star like how the latter's 'Mangatha' movie had become one of the mass victories for Ajith Kumar but the sudden announcement from the Producer had smoked off their expectations and brought in huge frustrations. Days after, the developments from the Kollywood revealed that the movie team and Simbu have been bridging the consensus and Simbu would join the crew to kick off his political movie and Simbu had directly met with the producer following which the movie team had issued the conformity that Simbu will act in the movie.

Bharathiraja has been inducted to one of the important roles in the movie


The announcement has retained the love and celebrations among the Simbu fans and the updates that were aired on Thursday had presented the package of sudden surprises and treats as 'Maanadu' producer has revealed the cast and important roles of the movie. Some of the important faces that were inducted into the movie include reputed and veteran Tamil directors Bharathiraja, S.A.Chandrasekar, and artists like Karunakaran, Premji Amaran, and Kalyani Priyadarshan.  Movie director Venkat Prabhu has confirmed that Maandu would be the political treat from Simbu. The inductions of Bharathiraja and Chandrasekar certainly had poured in more expectations on the movie as Bharathiraja had done the role of the politician in the movie 'Ayutha Eluthu' so did Chandrasekar in the movie 'Kodi'.

The movie poster welcomes veteran Tamil director Chandrasekar to the movie


Yuvan Shankar Raja would be composing the music while the cameras of Richard M. Nathan would do the cinematography whereas Rajeevan will be taking care of the art direction and Praveen K.L. would be editing the movie and since the crew has been announced and the sets have been camped, Simbu has presented the Pongal surprise for his fans after joining the movie in full swing and the movie is expected to hit the big screens very soon.