'Some people are not happy': PM Modi hits out at the opposition on the furious first day of monsoon session!

The first day of the monsoon session of the Parliament was furious with uproars and castigations from both sides of the aisle. The monsoon session had begun on Monday and will run till August 13 with the Covid-19 protocols. The session has started its business with a pile of national issues and amendment bills before both the houses. Ahead of the session, Prime Minister Modi had asserted that his government is ready for the constructive discussion and urged the opposition to extend the co-operation for the session. 

On Monday, within hours of starting the session, the Parliament had faced uproar from the opposition parties after they claimed that they are not permitted to raise questions to the government. The parliamentarians of the opposition parties had protested against the Union government asking its responses to the surge in petrol prices and its handling of the pandemic. The Prime Minister had begun to introduce new ministers to the chambers. However, the opposition parties had interrupted Modi, and as the sequel of the chaos, the Lok Sabha was adjourned till afternoon. 

Addressing the house before adjourning while introducing the new ministers, the Prime Minister said, "I thought that there would be enthusiasm in the parliament as so many women, Dalits, and tribals have become ministers. This time, our colleagues from an agricultural and rural background, OBC community have been given a place in the council of ministers."  "They (new ministers) should have been encouraged and congratulated. Perhaps, some people are not happy if the country's women, OBCs, farmers' sons become ministers and that is why they don't even allow their introduction", the Prime Minister added as he slammed the opposition for causing chaos. 

According to reports, when the opposition had kept shouting slogans on price rise and the farmer protests, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said to the opposition MPs, "You are bringing down the standards of parliamentary democracy. We are the largest democracy in the world." Amid the incessant uproar from the opposition, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said, "What the Congress did is extremely sad and unfortunate. Prime Minister could not even introduce his ministers." 

While addressing the reporters in the Parliament House Complex, the Prime Minister said, "I would like to urge all the MPs and all parties to ask the most difficult and sharpest questions in the Houses, but should also allow the government to respond in a disciplined environment." He added that such an environment will boost democracy, strengthen people's trust and improve the pace of development. He further castigated the opposition and said such a negative mindset has never been seen in Parliament.