Sonu Sood airlifts 177 stranded girls from Kerala: How the actor lights up hope for the migrants?

Sonu Sood, who has been well known for playing reel villain roles, is currently been playing a real and much important role on the battleground of the Coronavirus pandemic. He has been standing on the ground and lighting up hope for the migrants and stranded people in the wake of the lockdown by helping and aiding them to reach their home states. 

Through his 'Ghar Bhejo' initiative, the actor has been extending his hands across the country through his efforts of reuniting the stranded and scattered migrants and people with their families amid the lockdown and hindrances. As part of his mission of rescuing the workers, the actor has, on Friday, airlifted 117 girls who are stranded in Kerala in the wake of the lockdown. 

Some of the rescued people can be seen holding Sonu Sood's portraits in Kochi airport - May 29, 2020


According to the reports, these girls belong to Odisha and were working in a textile and plywood factories in Ernakulam, Kerala. After knowing that they have been stranded in the state with no jobs and can't reach their families, Sonu Sood came to the ground to rescue them. He obtained permission from the governments and arranged a special aircraft from Bangalore to carry these 177 girls.

The girls were airlifted from Kochi airport to Bhubaneshwar, Odisha on Friday and the transportations have been arranged from Bhubaneshwar airport to their respective places and the actor has eliminated their hindrance and they would be getting reunited with their families. Before boarding the plane from Kerala, some of the girls were posing for the camera with Sonu Sood's portraits in their hands as the actor has been winning millions of hearts through his initiative.

Actor Sonu Sood waves at migrant workers as they leave to their homes through the bus that he arranged


This wasn't the first rescue mission of the actor and it wouldn't be the last as the lockdown has let the migrant workers face an unprecedented plight and predicament and most of the workers have still been taking an arduous journey of walking hundreds of kilometers to reach their home states. 

Pained by the plight, the actor and his friend Neeti Goel had started 'Ghar Bhejo' initiative in March through which they have been rescuing thousands of such stranded people and reuniting them with their families and this initiative has been contributing widely across the nation and it has now been teamed up with more volunteers. The actor's initiative has sent more than 2000 migrant workers so far to their home states across the country.


The actor has launched a toll-free number and since the launch, the initiative has got over 60,000 calls from across the country. Apart from arranging the special aircraft, he has been arranging special buses for them, takes care of the expenses to ferry the migrant workers, and he has been providing food and essential items to them to have a safe and healthy return to their home states. 

Rajya Sabha MP from Odisha Amar Patnaik has commended the actor's help over rescuing and transporting the girls to Odisha. The Actor has been getting admired for his down to earth and needy efforts on lighting the hope for the migrant workers and he has iterated that he would be on the ground till the last migrant worker reaches home.