Sonu Sood goes beyond borders! See how he helped 100 students to return to Chennai from Russia

Reel-screen villain Sonu Sood has now become the savior and samaritan for people who got stranded in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and the travel restrictions. While the actor, who turned out to be the real-life hero for many, helped and rescued thousands of people and stranded migrant workers across India since the lockdown and united them with their families, he has now gone beyond the borders to rescue the stranded people showing that his helping hands have no borders. 

As one of his important missions of rescuing stranded Indians overseas, Sonu Sood had brought 100 medical students who got stranded in Russia to Chennai on Wednesday. The actor has rented a chartered flight and airlifted the students from Moscow by lifting up the barriers as he had facilitated their safe arrival in Chennai. 

The chartered SpiceJet flight took off from Moscow on August 4 and it was planned to be the non-stop flight to Chennai. However, after the requests, the special flight had a stopover in Delhi. While speaking to IANS, Sonu Sood said that the medical students in Moscow reached him for help to reach their homes in Chennai, following which the actor had started the mission and ended it successfully. 

Students onboard the chartered flight to Chennai hold Sonu Sood's portraits to thank the actor for facilitating their arrival to home


Speaking to IANS, one of the stranded students said that they can't able to board the Vande Bharat flight from Moscow on July 3 owing to the studies. Their studies got over by July 6 and there were about 200 stranded students and the students were informed that there won't be any Vande Bharat flights after which the trapped students started sending emails to the officials. 

The other student said they came to know actor Sonu Sood has been organizing a flight to bring back Indian students after which the students thought that the thespian can help them to return home. The students sent a message to the actor on July 23 and they got a reply the following day and from then on, the actor has been in touch with the students. While some students went through the tour operators, a total of 100 students had boarded the chartered flight arranged by Sonu Sood from Moscow to Chennai. 

The students asserted that they had no problem and the life was normal and they had to come back early to appear for the screening exam and the exam has been scheduled on August 31. According to the reports, the actor started his mission of rescuing the students from abroad when the Indian students in Kyrgyzstan had approached him. 

Following his first mission, he has arranged chartered flights for the students who got stranded from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Philippines, and Russia. The actor further stated that the students pay the nominal amount of the total traveling expenses and he takes care of paying the rest and the External Affairs Ministry, the Indian Ambassadors of various countries and the stakeholders were very helpful in making the job easier. 

While he puts out the existing challenge in arranging the local transports in foreign countries and logistics, the actor said this is the best role that he has ever played. He added, 'the best script done in my life. The 'thank you' notes from the students and parents keep motivates me'.