From a special team to nab BJP worker to MK Stalin's warning: Here's all about the row of migrant workers attack in TN!

In the midst of ongoing row of spreading false news that the North Indian migrant workers are attacked in Tamil Nadu, the MK Stalin government has issued a big warning that a strict action will be taken against rumourmongers who spread the news. The development has come when about hundreds of migrants workers left the state after a news that has been published in North Indian media that the workers are being targeted and attacked. 

The Tamil Nadu government has categorically denied such incidents and has been in talks with the Bihar government as the news had emerged based on the attacks on the migrants from Bihar in Tamil Nadu. Ever since the matter was received rampantly, it has been making headlines across the nation with several activists and political leaders in Tamil Nadu are slamming the BJP for intentionally instigating communal riots in Tamil Nadu. 

The visuals from Chennai had shown that the North Indian workers are leaving the city. However, several of them had claimed that they are going to their hometowns to celebrate Holi festival, which will be held on March 8. A certain group of North Indian workers in Tamil Nadu assert that they are safe in the state and that no such polarization is happening as reported by Hindi media. 

The Tamil Nadu police and Bihar Police are in talks unprecedently and several state and national fact-checkers have highlighted that the visuals used by the Hindi media to attribute its claim that the Hindi workers are being attacked in Tamil Nadu are fake. The Bihar police on Friday said that the videos circulating on social media showing alleged attacks on migrant workers in Tamil Nadu are misleading. 

The Bihar government has formed a team to inquire the matter and that special team came to Tamil Nadu on Saturday and met the high-ranking officials of the Tamil Nadu government including the Chief Secretary. Earlier, Tamil Nadu Director-General of Police C Sylendra Babu has clarified that the videos circulating on social media were false and mischievous. 

Echoing Sylendra Babu's clarification, Bihar's ADGP JS Gangwar told ANI, "Videos of some old personal disputes were shot and it was published saying that it is against residents of Bihar. They have said that no such incident has taken place. Tamil Nadu Police is taking action continuously and providing protection." As the fake news saga has come to light, the Tamil Nadu government has plunged into action and a case has been filed against those who sowed the fake news. 

On Saturday, the Tamil Nadu Police had booked a case against the editor of Hindi newspaper 'Dainik Bhaskar', owner of 'Tanveer Post' and a BJP spokesperson of Uttar Pradesh for spreading false news that the Hindi speaking migrant workers are attacked in Tamil Nadu. In a press release, the state police said that Tirupur north police station has booked the editor of Dainik Bhaskar under IPC sections of 153A - promoting enmity between different groups and section 505 - intent to incite any class or community of persons to commit any offence against any other class or community.

According to DT Next, a senior police official has said, "Editor of the paper will have to explain from where they got the news and how they verified it. Bigger newspapers should behave in a more responsible way." It has been reported that Tirupur district cyber crime has booked a case against Tanveer Ahmed of the Tanveer Post while the Thoothukudi police had booked Prashant Umrao, a spokesperson of BJP in Uttar Pradesh, under six sections of IPC. 

The case behind Umrao is that he had falsely claimed that twelve Hindi migrant workers were locked in a room and died in Tamil Nadu and to arrest him, a special team of 7 police officials has rushed to Delhi. The Tamil Nadu state government has been closely watching the development and has been assuring that the migrant workers are safe in the state. The government has warned that a stern action will be taken against people who spread rumours and disinformation on social media. 

Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian on Saturday said that some are envious about the good relationship between Chief Minister MK Stalin and the North Indian leaders that was exhibited in Stalin's recently-held birthday meet. He further said that because of their jeolousy, they are spreading rumours that the North Indian workers are being attacked in the state. Subramanian warned that action will be taken against those who indulge in such activities. 

As the Tamil Nadu police have set up a helpline number with regard to the ongoing row, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin had on Saturday spoken with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over the phone and assured the safety of migrant workers. MK Stalin said that people who are spreading rumours are against national integrity. Stalin has also issued a statement in which he condemned those who are engaging in cheap politics. He also warned that a legal action would be initiated against those who cause fear and panic.

He said, "People spreading rumours about attacks on other state workers in Tamil Nadu are against India. They spoil the integrity of the nation." Underlining his phone call with his Bihar counterpart, MK Stalin said, "I assured him that all workers are our workers and they have contributed to the growth of the state." By citing that Mother Tamil Nadu would always welcome the people, Stalin stated that people from other states are visiting Tamil Nadu for business, medical purposes, and commerce for generations. Stalin has also urged the journalists and media to act with social responsibility and adhere to the ethics of journalism.