A sudden call from Delhi...Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi to visit the capital again!

In the midst of escalating tensions between Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi and the state ruling DMK government, the former is all set to visit Delhi again for the second time within a week, three days after completing his first visit of this year. The latest development has drawn a sharp attention and is closely watched by the political parties in the state. 

According to our sources, Ravi has got a sudden call from Delhi to come to the capital. He has been called out by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and based on the summon, Ravi will be flying to Delhi on Tuesday - January 16. There has been several speculations around the upcoming visit as it has come days after President Droupadi Murmu has handed over the petition, from the DMK government against Ravi, to the Centre to take action on it. 

His visit will also come when the ruling DMK government and its allied parties have been stepping up their dissent against the Governor, urging him to step down from the post. Governor Ravi's tenure in Tamil Nadu has been taking tumultuous turns with back-to-back controversies. From skipping key parts of his customary address prepared by the state government, walking out of the assembly, to his 'Tamilagam' rhetoric, Governor Ravi has been at the centre of protests in the state. 

Amid these historical events, Ravi went to Delhi on January 13, a day after DMK has played out a sharp strike against him by petitioning the President to advise the Governor to adhere to the state cabinet. Ravi has come back to Chennai the next day. Within three days, Ravi has been called to Delhi again for the second time and he will be leaving to the capital on Tuesday. 

It has been reported that the central intelligence sleuths have submitted a report to the Prime Minister's office on the DMK events and protests against the Governor from the controversial remarks from the DMK leaders to the 'one guy' remark from Chief Minister MK Stalin recently. The sources say that the same report has also been shared to the Governor and he had been discussing it with the legal experts.  

At this high time, Ravi will be visiting Delhi again for the second time within a week. In his petition to the President, Chief Minister MK Stalin highlighted on what happened in the assembly and told the President that the Governor's conduct was against the traditions of the assembly. Stalin further said, In his letter, the Chief Minister said, "He (the Governor) had no right to deviate from the speech prepared by the government for his address. The parts he skipped were the names of late stalwarts Dr BR Ambedkar, EVR Periyar, CN Annadurai and M Karunanidhi and terms including social justice, self-respect, and Dravidian model of governance."

MK Stalin has also underlined the bills that are in an idling state before the Governor and appealed to the President to intervene in the matter and instruct Ravi to act according to cabinet recommendations. On the other hand, the Governor's office, Raj Bhavan, has recently filed a police complaint against DMK leader Sivaji Krishnamurthy for his controversial remarks against the Governor. Following the complaint, DMK has suspended Krishnamurthy from the party.