Suresh Raina skips IPL 2020: Is this the reason why the star player exited from the current season?

When the Chief Executive Officer of the Chennai Super Kings had recently sent the shockwaves to the fans that Suresh Raina won't be playing in the current season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and returned to India, the fans went buzzed with the speculations on what could be the reason as the head of the team concluded his note that the cricketer has returned to India for personal reasons. 

Amid the speculations, the recent reports suggest that the demise of his uncle could be a reason why he left UAE and flown back to India. According to PTI, the 58-year-old uncle of Suresh Raina had died in an attack by the robbers in Punjab's Pathankot district while some of his family members suffered grave injuries and have been hospitalized. 

The deceased has been identified as Ashok Kumar, who was a government contractor. Kumar's elder brother Shyam Lal had issued conformity that the former was the uncle of Suresh Raina and further stated that the cricketer is expected to visit the village. 

The police said that the incident took place at Thariyal Village in Pathankot, Punjab on the night hours intervening August 19 and 20 where about four members of the robbery gang 'Kale Kachhewala' had entered Ashok Kumar's house to loot during which the mob attacked Ashok Kumar and his family members.

The cricketer's uncle and his family members were sleeping on the terrace of their house and after the attack, Ashok Kumar suffered head injuries and died on the same night. The police stated that the mob had looted gold and some cash from the house and while Kumar had died, his 80-year-old mother Satya Devi, his wife Asha Devi, sons Apin and Kaushal had sustained grave injuries.  

Earlier, Satya Devi had got discharged from the hospital while the others are still getting treated. While the demise of his uncle has been dubbed as one of the reasons, the other reason, according to the reports, would be due to the prevailing COVID-19 spread in the IPL-20. The announcement of his exit has come parallelly when the second player of the Chennai Super Kings had tested positive for the COVID-19 viral infection. 

As of Saturday, about 13 members had tested positive in the team of which two are players -one being a bowler and other being a right-handed top-order batsman of the team. However, the names of the players and other staff tested positive hadn't made public and the BCCI on Saturday said that all the members were asymptomatic and are under isolation. 

The grounds of the virus spread days ahead of the IPL games had worried the league teams. The current season of the IPL will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates from September 19 and the players and support staff were mandated to undergo isolation for six days. The players were mandated to undergo three tests for six days and they were allowed to start the practice sessions only all three tests return negative.