Surge of Covid cases: Will strict restrictions be imposed in Tamil Nadu? Hear from the Health Minister!

After months of an incessant decline, the Covid cases have begun to surge again in Tamil Nadu gradually, warranting the immediate measure from the government to address the spread. The state health department has been initiating an action plan. Though the numbers are not in a distressing fashion, the health department has been urging the people to take their vaccines. 

Tamil Health Minister Ma Subramanian has begun conducting marathon meetings to review the situation and strengthen the combat measures. He has also been touring various areas of Chennai and expediting the grassroots responses to curb the spread. On Thursday- June 16, Ma Subramanian has urged the public to take their vaccines and booster doses. 

Addressing the reporters on Thursday, Subramanian said, "We are conducting review meetings in the areas that are reporting a surge of Covid cases. All the zones of Greater Chennai Corporation held meetings to discuss the prevention and control measures." He had addressed the reporters after conducting an inspection in Pallava Nagar, Tambaram, which has reported a Covid cluster. 

According to reports, three members of the same family in Pallava Nagar had contracted the pandemic following which over eleven people tested positive. The minister has shared the pictures of his inspection at Maraimalai Nagar and Tambaram on social media and said that the inspection was carried out at the Covid care centres. The health department has also been taking measures to install additional medical infrastructure across the state. 

The Minister has asserted that the affected people are doing stable. He further said, "It is important to safeguard ourselves and the practice of using masks and observing physical distancing should be followed. We are testing more than 15,000 samples on a daily basis and 2,500 tests are done in Chennai. We are planning to increase the testing in Chennai by 2,500, including the testing of contacts, and 1,000 tests are going to be increased in all districts."

As Tamil Nadu has recorded the first Covid death after three months, Subramanian has urged the people to receive the booster doses as it becomes important. He said, "The 18-year-old woman (who died) didn't have comorbidities and she was in home quarantine and went to the hospital after a few days of infection. It is important that people take all the doses so they are protected against the infection." 

The health minister has advised the people not to show any negligence and they should approach the hospital if they develop fever, cold, or other symptoms. Responding to the possibility of imposing strict restrictions and guidelines in the state, Ma Subramanian said that there would be no restrictions imposed currently as the positivity rate is about 2-3 per cent and the hospitalization is also under control.

As per the guidelines of the Union Health Ministry, positivity should not go beyond 10 per cent and hospitalization should be less than 40 per cent to impose lockdown. According to the data from the state health ministry, Tamil Nadu has reported 476 fresh Covid cases, 169 discharges, and one death on Wednesday- June 15. Overall, the state has recorded 34,58,445 cases so far as of Wednesday of which 1,938 are active, 34,18,481 have been discharged, and 38,026 had succumbed to the viral infection.