Suriya's tearful tribute: Actor pays emotional respects to Vijayakanth, recalls cherished memories

(This article is authored by Alar)

In a heartfelt moment, actor Suriya came back to Chennai today, on Friday morning. The city was in mourning for the iconic actor-politician, Vijayakanth. Without delay, Suriya made his way to Vijayakanth's final resting place to pay his heartfelt respects. The actor, visibly moved, found solace in prayer and broke down in tears as he bid farewell to the senior actor.

Suriya's emotional response reflects the deep bond he shared with Vijayakanth, turning a public figure's passing into a profoundly personal loss for the talented actor. Addressing the press after the sombre tribute, Suriya shared fond memories of his association with the late actor, underscoring the genuine friendship they had nurtured over the years.

"The guilt of not seeing my brother's face till the end will remain with me and my brother (Karthi) for the rest of my life," Suriya expressed emotionally. He continued, revealing a touching anecdote, "For 25 years, I've been using the wooden chair as a tribute to his memory. His passing is truly disheartening. During our collaboration in the film 'Periyanna,' I fondly recall the first day he insisted we share a meal. He graciously took a bite from his plate and fed it to me, creating a lasting and cherished memory."

Vijayakanth had battled health ailments for nearly a decade, leading to his withdrawal from both the cinematic and political spheres due to deteriorating health. However, despite his physical absence from the public eye, his enduring connection with the people persisted. Each public appearance or hospital visit elicited an outpouring of emotion from fans who hoped for his swift recovery.

Last month, as news of his severe illness spread, the public clung to the hope of a miraculous recovery. Unfortunately, on Thursday, December 28, at the age of 71, Vijayakanth breathed his last, leaving behind a legacy that transcends the silver screen.