A surprise give up: Why TN Minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan has quitted as DMK's IT Wing secretary?

In an unexpected change of baton, the Tamil Nadu ruling DMK has got a new runner to lead the party's IT Wing after the incumbent Palanivel Thiaga Rajan has resigned from the post of IT Wing Secretary and his resignation has got major attention for casting a surprise give up. Thiaga Rajan, who is a financial kingpin cum politician, has been serving as the Tamil Nadu Minister for Finance and Human Resources and he has been representing the assembly as an MLA from Madurai Central. 

The DMK IT Wing was formed in the year 2017 and since its formation, Thiaga Rajan was leading it as its secretary. However, he found it difficult to balance both the important posts after becoming a minister. According to reports, he has decided to quit the post of IT Wing secretary as the finance department has a pile of challenges ahead and he has been preoccupied with the crucial portfolio in MK Stalin's cabinet. 

As the Finance Minister, Thiaga Rajan has a hectic and bustling work ecosystem before him as he has been leading the department on the thin ice of growing deficits and he has also been representing Tamil Nadu in the GST Council meetings. With the upcoming budget works at hand, he has finally decided to resign from the post of DMK's IT Wing Secretary. 

The reports say Thiaga Rajan has informed his decision of quitting the post to the party's leadership and the latter has agreed to his decision and released him from the post. The party has then appointed DMK MLA TRB Raaja as the new secretary of the IT Wing. Though Raaja has been chosen as the successor of Thiaga Rajan, the party is yet to make an official announcement that Raaja has been appointed as the IT Wing secretary. 

TRB Raaja, who represents the Mannarkudi constituency in the assembly, is the son of senior DMK leader TR Baalu, who has been serving as the party's treasurer and DMK's Lok Sabha leader. Times of India has quoted the sources saying about Thiaga Rajan's resignation, "The finance department is taking a lot of the minister's time. In addition, there is the GST Council meetings and the follow-up. Thiaga Rajan has last week informed the leadership about his decision to give up the party post and the leadership has agreed to his decision." 

The sources further said, "After looking at options and considering the suggestion from the outgoing IT Wing Secretary, the DMK leadership has opted to hand over the responsibility of the party's IT wing to three-time MLA from Mannargudi TRB Raaja. An official announcement will be made by the DMK in the next few days." As Thiaga Rajan is busy with his budget preparations, the upcoming budget presentation will be his first presentation of the budget for the whole financial year as the finance minister.