Sylendra Babu's 'Operation Ganja Vettai 3.0': Here's TN Police's latest crackdown on drug peddlers!

Under the direction and direct-watch of Director-General of Police (DGP) Sylendra Babu, Tamil Nadu police have been rolling out a crackdown measure as 'Operation Ganja Vettai' to curb the drug peddlers across the state. The state's law enforcement agency has carried out such operations before and apprehended thousands of ganja peddlers. 

Besides arresting such peddlers, the police had also seized their bank accounts. Recently, the Tamil Nadu police have conducted the third edition - 'Operation Ganja Vettai 3.0' and carried out raids across the state. In the latest crackdown, the police have arrested 403 ganja peddlers across the state since December 12 and confiscated a large amount of illegal susbtance. 

On Friday - December 16, DGP Sylendra Babu said, "Operation Ganja Vettai 3.0 was launched on December 12 and in the first three days, 403 peddlers were arrested and 361 kg of ganja recovered. The police had freezed over 15 bank accounts of the peddlers. 

Sylendra Babu further asked all district superintendents of police and commissioners of police to freeze bank accounts of ganja peddlers who have bulk dealings. The police officers across the state have been directed to send reports about the action taken against the drug menace to their higher officals. The police have warned that the assets of the people who would indulge in drug peddling would be seized. 

The Tamil Nadu police have conducted the second episode of Operation Ganja Vettai earlier this March and it was conducted for a month during which the police had carried out raid against the sale of ganja and pan masala products. In his circular to the police officers, Sylendra Babu said immediate steps should be taken to curb the sale of ganja, gutka, and narcotic drugs near schools and colleges. 

He also instructed the officers to arrest those who made bulk procurement in order to break the network of smuggling and hoarding. Sylendra Babu further said that the officers should reform students who are addicted to ganja and gutka and send them to counselors. The DGP said that the Railway Police have been asked to intensify vigil at railway stations on trains and seize ganja and gutka smuggled by trains.