Tamil actors laud a TN man for saving a monkey by breathing into its mouth: Watch the video!

Tamil actors Suriya, Sivakarthikeyan, and Aishwarya Rajesh have expressed their commendations to a Tamil Nadu man, who has become the saviour of a wounded monkey. The video of him resuscitating the eight-month-old macaque has been going viral on social media, which landed him in huge praise from across and beyond the borders.

According to reports, 38-year-old Prabhu, a native of Kunnam in Perambalur and a car driver by profession, is the man who saved the wounded monkey by breathing into its mouth. The incident had happened on December 9 and the monkey was severely wounded after being attacked by stray dogs. The dogs had chased it and bit it in several parts of the body. After sustaining injuries, the monkey had somehow managed to climb a nearby tree. 

The New Indian Express reported that Prabhu said he saw the monkey with injuries lying unconscious on the tree in Othiyam Samathuvapuram in Kunnam. He chased out the dogs and rescued the monkey from the tree. Though he fed water to it, it remained unconscious following which he had decided to take it to the hospital. Prabhu took the monkey on his two-wheeler with his friend to a veterinary hospital in the area. However, he realized that the monkey is gradually dying.

He then stopped the vehicle and began first aid. He started pumping its heart to resuscitate it and he breathed into its mouth to save it. After his efforts to save it, he rushed to the hospital where the monkey was given vaccine and glucose. After the treatment, Prabhu handed over the monkey to the forest department as the monkey is back to life. Speaking to the New Indian Express, Prabhu said that he was scared when the monkey climbed the tree with injuries and fell unconscious.

He said, "I rescued it and gave water. But it didn't drink and I was very upset. I didn't want to leave it in the forest in that condition. I did not think about anything and breathed into its mouth. When I took it to the hospital, I thought it would be dead, but with treatment, it has regained consciousness" It has been reported that Prabhu has completed a first-aid training course in Thanjavur in 2010. As his swift action to save a monkey was going viral, several celebrities and people had laud his efforts to treat and save the monkey. 

Actor Suriya has shared the video and reacted with folded hands emoji to thank Prabhu for saving the life of the little one. Sivakarthikeyan has shared the video and said, "Prabhu sir, you are great", while actor Aishwarya Rajesh has noted Prabhu's action as 'Amazing'.