Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu is back with another big operation...What's in his order to TN Police?

Tamil Nadu Director-General of Police (DGP) C Sylendra Babu is back with another big operation to hunt down the trade of drugs and gutkha in the state. In what has become the second round of operation, the cleansing drive of drugs has come with the aim of breaking the chain of trade and apprehending the people involved in the act. 

In his order to the police officials, Sylendra Babu has directed them to arrest the people who are involved in trading drugs and gutkha under the Goondas Act and lodge them in prison. The operation was initiated on Monday - March 28 and the DGP further ordered the police to curb the supply of such goods to the school and college students. 

The mission to curb the trade of drugs goes by the name of 'Operation Ganja 2.0' and this operation would be conducted for a period of one month from March 28 to April 27 during which the Tamil Nadu police force would intensify its raid to curb the procurement, hoarding, and sale of drug and gutkha that are already banned in Tamil Nadu. 

In his circular, the DGP said, "The police should take immediate action to stop the sale of drugs including ganja and gutka near schools and colleges." He further said that the students who have become addicted to such banned substances must be sent for counselling. He instructed his police force that those involved in ganja and gutka sales should be immediately arrested and sent to prison and they must be booked under Goondas Act. 

He said that action should be initiated against those involved in mass procurement and storing of ganja in order to stop the chain of trade. He further advised the police officials to start a WhatsApp group with people residing near schools and colleges to provide tipoffs about the sale of ganja in such areas. The second episode operation to hunt down the illegal substance has been welcomed by the people as it has become yet another fierce policing of Sylendra Babu. 

It must be noted that earlier as per Sylendra Babu's order, the Tamil Nadu police has carried out its first operation to curb the drugs and gutkha for a month from December 2021 to January 2022. During the operation, the police have arrested around 320 people who were involved in smuggling and selling the banned substance and around 240 cases were filed against the culprits. 

The police have also seized 520 kg of ganja worth Rs 51.97 lakh. In December 2021, the officials have also apprehended over 2,900 people on the grounds of stocking and trading the banned pan masala products in the state. In his new circular initiating the second operation, Sylendra Babu has asked the Commissionerates of Chennai, Tambaram, and Avadi to enhance their focus on curbing such products.