Tamil Nadu pioneers in launching electric auto-rickshaws!

With the motive of enhancing the corridors of eco-friendly and electric transportations, the state of Tamil Nadu has been reportedly moving ahead of most of the Indian states in launching the electric transport mechanisms and vehicles. Earlier this year, the state government of Tamil Nadu had added more electric buses in its fleet of the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) and the government has also seeded the growth of battery and electric cars. 

In line with that, the state government has on Friday inaugurated India's first set of retrofitted electric auto-rickshaws and the state Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami has green flagged the launch at the Secretariat. These auto-rickshaws have been named 'Makkal' auto or 'M-Auto', the people's auto which will run on electricity. 

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Edappadi Palaniswami - File photo


The auto-rickshaws are fitted with the solar panels atop of the vehicles that will keep the vehicles more eco-friendly and it will decrease the usage of fuel. The reports say that it will take 30 minutes for the battery system to get charged completely and by having the fullest charge in the battery, the vehicle can travel up to 100 kilometers with the top speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

It has been reported that these vehicles could be of greater source in cost-cutting as these electric auto-rickshaws would cost Rs 40 for ten kilometers while the auto-filled with petrol, diesel, and LPG would cost around Rs 400 for covering ten kilometers. 

After inaugurating the auto-rickshaws at the Secretariat, the Chief Minister has also commenced the distribution of Pongal gift package for the ration cardholders in the state where, in the wake of celebrating Pongal festival, the cardholders would be awarded Rs 1000 in cash along with a kilogram of raw rice, a kilogram of sugar, two feet long sugarcane and a packet with 20 grams of cashew nuts, 20 grams of raisins and five grams of cardamom.