Tamil Nadu tops in vaccinating the children!

Amidst having been victimized by the deadliest epidemics for the last few years, the state of Tamil Nadu has been recorded with good numbers of vaccination and the state offers the vaccination for its children, visitors and the migrants that had led the state to enhance the corridors of immunization by surpassing the national average with regard to the vaccination. The national average has been recorded with 91% while Tamil Nadu reported with 148%.

Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Ashwini Kumar Choubey had released the data on the coverage of immunization in the last three years in Lok Sabha on Friday where the data had revealed that Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab, and Manipur have reported with 100% vaccination coverage while about 15 other states have recorded with 90% of vaccination where the national average of vaccination rate has gone up by four percent from 87% to 91% during 2018-19. The reports say that this data was drafted by the Center with accord to the Health System's Management Reports of states.

A School student getting vaccinated in Tamil Nadu - File Photo


The state health department officials have stated that all the pregnant women have been registered with the government's database and after issuing the birth certificates for the child, the health nurses in the villages would record the vaccinations given to the infants. 

They further cited that the department has been recording the actual number of births accurately unlike in the past where the total numbers were based on the estimate or the number of birth certificates issued. The state has revoked the method of considering the estimate as these numbers weren't more accurate as nearly 1 lakh birth certificates were issued to those above the age of one year.

       A Nurse vaccinates the students - File Photo


The reports had stated that the state government surveyed Ramanathapuram and Virudhunagar districts where these two districts have accounted for deaths and side effects due to vaccines than any other districts. The authorities have asked the health nurses to draft the list of exact names and numbers of the children who were supposed to be given with the vaccine under the Universal Immunization Programme and about 450 children were identified by the village nurses who would be vaccinated in the next two weeks following which the state can report that all the children had been vaccinated.