Tamil Nadu vs Tamilagam: How TN Governor got a hit back from celebrities and political leaders?

Under the tenure of Governor RN Ravi, Tamil Nadu's Raj Bhavan has become a hotbed and he had drawn nothing short of controversial spotlight amid having a fragile relationship with the state ruling DMK government. From clashing with the government on the appointment of Vice Chancellors for the university to contentious conduct towards clearing the bill passed by the assembly, there has been a lot of reasons why the state has been demanding the centre to take back Ravi from the office.

In the midst of a souring relationship, Governor Ravi has for yet another time sparked a controversy and got a hit back from the political leaders and celebrities. While speaking at an event in Raj Bhavan, Governor Ravi said, "Unfortunately, in Tamil Nadu, there has been regressive politics, that we are Dravidian and we have nothing to do with this (Bharat)."

According to a press release from his office, Ravi said, "Tamil Nadu is the soul, an idea, and an identity of the nation, and that we should keep it alive to erase some falsehood and fiction of negative approach prevailing in the state." "There has been regressive politics with the wrong habit of refusing everything that benefits all sections of people including academicians blindly for their own interests, claiming that the state is not internally part of India", the press release added.

By citing that India is going to lead the world nations for the next 25 years, Governor Ravi went on to say that it is correct to say 'Tamilagam' instead of 'Tamil Nadu', as Nadu represents an autonomous region while the state is a part of India. Ravi claimed that for over 50 years, efforts have been made to reinforce the narrative that Tamil Nadu is not an integral part of India. While his speech was going viral, it has triggered a public outcry from across the state with several political leaders and celebrities have strongly hit back at the Governor. 

His speech has also sparked a social media trend #TamilNadu and it had attracted a barrage of tweets against the Governor. Criticizing the Governor, DMK MP TR Baalu said that the Governor has been dwelling on topics like Sanatana Dharma, Aryan, and Dravidian concepts. "His intention has been to take us back to varnashrama days by speaking about sectarian politics. While he was speaking subtle politics so far, he has started to openly talk like a politician." 

Baalu further said Ravi was making such remarks with the aim of creating division and confusion. Several social media users have also slammed the remarks from the Governor and a Dravidian follower reminisced on Twitter what Dravidian stalwart and former Chief Minister CN Annadurai, who was instrumental in naming the state Tamil Nadu, said in the Indian Parliament in 1960s, "I am from Tamil Nadu. A country which is a part of India now." 

Another user wrote, "If you have so much problem in calling my state as Tamil Nadu, you may very well leave the state Governor Ravi." Besides several political leaders and Dravidian ideologists who voiced against the Governor, several celebrities of Tamil Nadu had also come down hard on Governor Ravi. Renowned cinematographer PC Sreeram had overtly said that the governor of the state has now acted as a politician. 

Taking to Twitter, PC Sreeram wrote, "The governer of state has now acted as a politician His bosses wants to win this election by any means. Fear has set in .we fought the emergency with commitment to our nation. Now this fight is to stop division & hatred and bring back our country to its past glory. Sir governer with respect I request you to step down as your words represent a political intent . History will judge our patriotism. Every Indians love for thier mother tongue has now been insulted by your words. Our love for our mother tongue has made us more humane."