In ten points: Highlights of Rahul Gandhi's speech during no-trust motion debate against Modi regime!

For the first time since getting reinstated to the Lok Sabha, Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi has on Wednesday made a fiery speech in the lower house that had sparked a ruckus from the MPs of the ruling BJP regime. His speech has come when Lok Sabha was debating on the no-confidence motion against the Modi reign, moved by the Congress party, for the second day. 

Rahul Gandhi has addressed the Parliament amidst a sharp attention from the members of the house and the people across the country. While it has been reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be responding to the no-confidence motion on Thursday - August 10, Rahul Gandhi has touched upon various topics from the Adani issue, the Manipur violence, to his Bharat Jodo Yatra. His remarks have eventually led the BJP MPs to resort to the party's weapon of whataboutery. Let's take a look at Rahul Gandhi's speech and how the BJP ministers responded. 

  • Beginning his speech, Rahul Gandhi thanked the Lok Sabha Speaker for reinstating his membership after the Supreme Court had stayed his conviction in a criminal defamation case recently. 
  • Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP need not be scared as he was not going to speak more about Adani. He said, "When I spoke the last time, perhaps I caused you trouble because I focussed on Adani - maybe your senior leader was pained...That pain might have had an impact on you as well. I apologise to you for that. But I spoke the truth. Today, my friends in BJP need not be scared because my speech today is not on Adani." 
  • Recalling his visit to the violence-hit Manipur, Rahul Gandhi pressed that the Prime Minister hasn't yet visited the state that is being ruled by BJP. He cited that the Prime Minister thinks Manipur is not India. "A few days back, I went to Manipur. Our PM didn't go, not even to this day, because for him Manipur is not India."
  • Rahul Gandhi further said, "I used the word 'Manipur' but the truth is that Manipur does not remain anymore. You have divided Manipur into two. You have divided and broken Manipur." He also recalled his meeting with a woman who lost his son in Manipur. 
  • Pointing out to the BJP MPs, Rahul Gandhi scathingly said, "They killed India in Manipur. Not just Manipur but they killed India. Their politics has not killed Manipur, but it has killed India in Manipur. They have murdered India in Manipur." "You killed India by killing the people of Manipur. You are a traitor, you are not a patriot", Rahul Gandhi added. 
  •  Fueling his fierce attack on the BJP regime over the Manipur issue, Rahul Gandhi said, "You have killed mother India in Manipur. My one mother is sitting here and the other mother has been killed in Manipur. Indian army can bring peace in Manipur in one day but you are not using them. You want our soldiers to die. If PM Modi is not listening to the heart of India, whose voice does he listen to?"
  • Speaking about the Bharat Jodo Yatra, the Congress heaped praise on the yatra and said that through the yatra, he witnessed real India. "Initially, when I started (the Yatra), I had in my mind that walking 25 km is no big deal if I can run 10 km every day. Today, when I look at that - it was arrogance. I had arrogance in my heart at that time. But India erases arrogance, erases it in a second. So, within 2-3 days, my knees started hurting, it was an old injury. In the first few days, the wolf became an ant."
  • While Rahul Gandhi was speaking, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju disrupted his speech and said he had one question to ask Rahul Gandhi about what the Congress did in the northeast. In the wake of ruckus, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has urged the members to maintain decorum. 
  • From the BJP, Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smiti Irani took charge of attacking Rahul Gandhi and she led the party to restort to whataboutery as when the violence-hit Manipur was discussed, she said that women in Rajasthan, ruled by the Congress party, is crying and the party is not speaking about it. 
  • Irani also spoke about the Kashmir Pandits issue and went on to attack DMK MPs that they are thinking north India as the only India. Attacking the opposition coalition INDIA alliance, Irani said, "You are not India, for India is not corrupt. India believes in merit not in dynasty & today of all the days people like you need to remember what was told to the British - Quit India. Corruption Quit India, Dynasty Quit India. Merit now finds place in India." 
  • When the BJP MPs asked Rahul Gandhi when he will go to Rajasthan, the Congress leader said, "I am going today." After concluding his speech, Rahul Gandhi left Parliament to embark on his visit to Rajasthan.