Thank you Thalaivaa...A Chennai born US businessman thanks Rajinikanth after filing IPO as 'Project SuperStar'!

It's no surprise if Superstar Rajinikanth decorates the entertainment and commercial billboards in New York City or elsewhere in the world as it will sparkle with the message of re-implying how he is celebrated and followed by billions across and beyond the borders. But how would it be when Rajinikanth's codename Superstar becomes the codeword of a business firm in the New York Stock Exchange. At the outset, Rajini has nothing to do with the stock exchange but that doesn't mean that he belongs only to the cinematic world. Rajinikanth will be pervasive as long as he lives among the fans. 

A US-based firm, which was founded in Chennai ten years ago, has now made its debut in Nasdaq, a stock exchange in New York City and guess what? The company's IPO is code-named 'Project SuperStar' after Rajinikanth. According to reports, Business and customer engagement software company 'Freshworks Inc' has filed for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the United States. Freshworks, which is often dubbed to be a rival of the Salesforce, has revealed that it had earned $168.9 million in revenue for the first six months ended June 30 this year. 

During the same period last year, it has recorded $110.5 million and Reuters reported in April that the company is aiming for a $10 billion valuation. Its rival Salesforce has a valuation of around $3 billion. A decade ago, what now stands as Freshworks was established in Chennai at a 700 ft warehouse by Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy. After a year of its establishment, the company has earned its first customer - Atwell College in Australia. 

The company had further grown and now it has its headquarters in San Mateo in California, United States. In what had become the biggest boom in a decade, Freshworks is the third Chennai-established firm to get placed in Nasdaq in New York City after Cognizant and Sify Technologies. On Friday, Freshworks had filed the IPO in Nasdaq and the IPO has been code-named Project SuperStar and to mark the milestone, founder Girish Mathrubootham, who is a super fan of the superstar, had penned a touching note with a special mention of Rajinikanth. 

In his note, Girish Mathrubootham said, "I want to express my love and gratitude to him being my 'Maanaseega Guru'. There is no comparable English word to express what this means. It is a mentor, a role model that lives in your mind, from whom you learn a lot by watching from afar. Superstar is a man who is loved and worshipped by millions of fans globally.

He is immensely successful yet humble and down to earth. Thank you, Thalaivaa". He said that the idea for Freshworks was born in response to a poor customer service experience he faced. Freshworks, like the Superstar, has had a humble beginning. It started in a 700 square foot warehouse in Chennai in 2010 to create a fresh helpdesk software for customer service.

Mathrubootham said, "We didn't plan nor expect to change the world. Our dreams came in increments, each building on the next, and expanding our vision over time." After filing with the Nasdaq, he said in a letter, "As I reflect on how far Freshworks has come these last 10+ years, this is a proud moment for all of us, and today, I feel really good." "From the beginning, I wanted to build a company optimized for employee happiness. We want our employees to have the best experience of their life at Freshworks and for us, the journey will always be more important than the destination", Mathrubootham added.