Then for Ajith, now for Vijay: A saga of threatening calls to Tamil superstars!

Threatening calls are becoming a part of life for actors and political leaders and the thespians of the Tamil film industry have been experiencing such calls, which threatened them of a bomb being placed at their residences. Eventually, the police search would end up with the fact that they were fake calls and there were no such explosives placed. The police would then detain the caller. Actors Vijay and Ajith had faced such calls in recent times and it later has come to the revelation that these calls were issued by a mentally unstable person, with a history of threatening political leaders. 

In what has become the latest threat, Vijay has faced such a call in the wee hours of Monday. According to reports, the police control room in Chennai has received a phone call in which the caller has said that he had placed a bomb at Vijay's residence in Neelankarai in the outskirts of Chennai. After being shocked about the call, the officials had alerted the local police and the bomb squad following which a team had arrived at the actor's residence. 

The officials had sifted the residence completely and came to know that it was a hoax call. After tracing the call, they identified that Bhuvaneshwaran, a native of the Villupuram district, had made the call. Incidentally, 27-year-old Bhuvaneshwaran has given similar threats earlier to several actors and political leaders. He was said to a mentally disabled person and that he would make a call to the control room and disconnect the call by making a bomb threat. 

Vijay has a history of receiving such threats in this saga and the same person has in July 2020 issued a bomb call to the actor's residence in Saligramam, Chennai. The police control room had received the call at around 12.20 am and the Virugambakkam police were immediately alerted. During that time, two patrol teams rushed to the two houses along with the bomb detection and disposal squad and searched the residences. Eventually, the police had identified it to be a hoax call. 

The police had detained Bhuvaneshwaran and said that he was mentally unstable. Ajith has also experienced such a threat call. Earlier this May, a bomb threat was issued to actor Ajith's residence in Injambakkam on May 31. It was later identified as a fake call and it was reported that a person named Dinesh had issued the call and he too was suffering from a mental disability. Dinesh was also accused of issuing a bomb threat to superstar Rajinikanth. The police officers had advised the family members of Dinesh not to give the mobile phone to him.