Then President Kovind...and now Murmu? Congress slams the Modi regime for ignoring the Presidents!

The inauguration of the new Parliament building has sparked a series of controversies as from its foundation to its completion, the ruling Modi regime has caught into public outcry. The debate over the need of the new Parliament building has now turned towards who is befitted to inaugurate it. As the inauguration will be held on May 28, the entire nation is closely watching the events surrounding the inauguration. 

While the Congress and a handful of opposition leaders have been demanding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi shouldn't inaugurate it by citing that he is not head of the Parliament and that the President is the appropriate person to inaugurate it, Congress national president Mallikarjun Kharge has now triggered a debate on whether the BJP regime is going against the Presidents. 

The foundation stone for the new Parliament building was laid by Narendra Modi on December 10, 2020, and the BJP regime hasn't invited the then President Ram Nath Kovind for the foundation laying ceremony and now, as the new building is all set to get inaugurated, the Modi government hasn't sent the official invitation to the sitting President Droupadi Murmu to attend the inauguration. 

Both Kovind and Murmu were nominated for the Presidency by the BJP and they both belong to Dalit and Tribal community respectively. As per the constitution, the President is head of the Parliament that houses Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, while Prime Minister is only the head of the government. As the BJP government hadn't invited the then President Kovind for the foundation ceremony and it is yet to invite his successor for the inauguration, the event has put the Modi administration in a bad spotlight. 

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday slammed the BJP regime for ignoring the President for such historical events. Taking to Twitter, Kharge wrote, "It looks like the Modi Govt has ensured election of President of India from the Dalit and the Tribal communities only for electoral reasons. While Former President, Shri Kovind was not invited for the New Parliament foundation laying ceremony, The President of India Smt. Droupadi Murmu is not being invited for the inauguration of the new Parliament Building." 

Kharge further wrote, "The Parliament of India is the supreme legislative body of the Republic of India, and the President of India is its highest Constitutional authority. She alone represents government, opposition, and every citizen alike. She is the First Citizen of India. Inauguration of the new Parliament building by her will symbolise Government’s commitment to Democratic values and Constitutional propriety." "The Modi Govt has repeatedly disrespected propriety. The Office of the President of India is reduced to tokenism under the BJP-RSS Government", he added. 

A league of opposition leaders has also demanded that Modi shouldn't inaugurate the Parliament building, citing that he is not the head of the legislative organ. Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Rahul Gandhi wrote in Hindi that the President should inaugurate the new Parliament building and not the Prime Minister. CPI General Secretary D Raja said that the Prime Minister leads the executive organ of the state, while Parliament is the legislative organ. He further said that it would have been appropriate that President Droupadi Murmu, as the Head of State, should inaugurate the Parliament.

"Obsession with self-image and cameras trumps decency and norms when it comes to Modi ji", Raja added. The ruling BJP regime has also got trapped in trouble for the timing of the inauguration. While it has been reported that the new Parliament building will be inaugurated on May 28, it has come to revelation that the date coincides with the birth anniversary of Hindutva idealogue VD Savarkar. Attacking the government for such a controversial inauguration, the Congress has said it is a complete insult to the country's founding fathers.