Then for Rajinikanth, now for VK Sasikala...Will Sasikala hear the demand from her supporters?

When superstar actor Rajinikanth announced that he will not enter politics, he had put the efforts and hopes of his supporters and the members of his outfit into history. Rajinikanth had closed his political gates days ahead of unveiling what was supposed to be his political entry. Sending a pack of disappointments, Rajinikanth said that he had decided not to enter politics due to the lack of support from his health and pressed his allegiance to the Tamil people. 

Rajinikanth had aborted his mission of what he claimed to be 'spiritual politics' three years after he asserted that he will definitely plunge into active politics. Bringing the two-decades-long expectation to an end, Rajinikanth had pushed his fans to brace up for the fact that he won't enter politics. However, while some of the fans and members of his outfit had joined other political parties ahead of the assembly polls, many had staged protests in Chennai with mere hope and with the desperate demand calling Rajinikanth to enter politics. 

While the development of protests had disturbed Rajinikanth, he issued a statement in which he said, "I have already made my reasons clear on why I can't able to plunge into politics now. I have announced my decision. Therefore, I ask everyone not to put me into further pain by conducting such meetings and events to urge me to enter politics", the superstar added as he strongly closed his doors of politics. Rajinikanth's reiteration has come when he has been surfaced with speculations and widespread appeals from his fans and members who are demanding him to reconsider his decision and enter politics ahead of the assembly polls.

Expelled ADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala is facing what Rajinikanth faced in January. Sasikala has on Wednesday announced that she is quitting politics and her sudden decision has come when she was surfaced with large-scale speculations over her political resurgence. Sasikala's supporters and the members of AMMK had expected that she will plunge into active politics ahead of the assembly polls as asserted by her when she arrived in Chennai. 

While the state was anticipating how Sasikala will unfold her politics after her speech of urging the true supporters of Jayalalithaa, she had closed her gates for politics and disappointed her supporters. While her decision of quitting politics was welcomed by BJP and ADMK, some of the political leaders, who hoped to ally with Sasikala, had expressed disappointment over her decision. Sasikala has been residing at T Nagar, Chennai and on Thursday, dozens of her supporters had gathered before her residence. 

They had staged protests before Sasikala's residence by holding a banner and with the demand of calling Sasikala to enter active politics. They were raising slogans to urge the expelled ADMK leader to plunge into active politics ahead of the assembly polls. According to reports, police personnel were deployed before Sasikala's residence to disperse the protesters. However, they had refused to leave the place until Sasikala changes her decision and announces her entry into active politics. 

In her statement, Sasikala said, "I have decided to stay off from active politics to ensure that the golden rule of Jayalalithaa is formed in the state. I am praying hard to my elder sister (Jayalalithaa) whom I consider as god and the God Almighty for establishing good governance". "The true followers of Amma should strive to fight against the evil DMK and aim to establish Amma's government. I will forever remain thankful for the Tamil Nadu people", she added. 

Her sudden decision had given an overwhelming shock to her supporters and members who hoped for her political resurgence. As Sasikala has aborted her assertion of plunging into active politics, her decision had stirred a fresh round of speculations and political debates of what's next and whether she would voice her support to AMMK even if she is not entering active politics. Her decision had undeniably surprised and disappointed many who thought of rising in politics under her banner. But if there is someone who relished her decision, it would be the current leaders of the ruling ADMK as Sasikala's wave has got weakened.