'They have suffered tremendously': PM Modi in his open letter to the nation!

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed his first year in office in his second consecutive term on May 30, 2020 - Saturday, he took the mark as the prospect to unveil his open letter on addressing the people about what his government has gone through in the first year amid the Coronavirus outbreak. 

In his open letter to his countrymen, Modi said that his government at the Center has taken some historic decisions over the course of the past one year and the country has progressed rapidly and admitted that many challenges and problems are lying ahead of the country. By recapping his victory in 2019 Lok Sabha polls with a huge mandate, he said that this day last year had begun a golden chapter in the history of Indian democracy.

File photo: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) exchanges greetings with Indian President Ram Nath Kovind after sworning-in as the Prime Minister for the second consecutive term - May 30, 2019


The Prime Minister claimed that India is on the victory path in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic and acknowledged that the migrant workers, laborers, and small scale industries have faced tremendous suffering amid the outbreak. Modi attributed the suffering of the migrant workers to the gravity and magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis and he further asked people to ensure that their inconveniences won't get converted to disasters. 

By asserting that India's unity and efforts of battling the pandemic have surprised the world, he said that the country will also set an example through reviving the ailing economy and the government and people are working together to eliminate the troubles and sufferings faced by the migrant workers and laborers and he further called on people to move forward with the own abilities through the Center's vision of 'Self-reliant India'.

He highlighted that the Center's mega economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore would be a trajectory for making India a self-reliant country and this initiative would pour more opportunities to every Indian including farmers, small scale industries, employed, and start-up industries and the country will be moving ahead on the path of progress to attain the victory.

By recalling his huge victory in 2019 polls, Modi claimed that people of India had voted with the dream of taking India to new heights and making it a global leader and he backed the decisions and governance for his first year, that on the other side spurred controversies, by stating that all the decisions were taken after wide discussions and it would remain in public discourse.

However, by noting his letter on one hand, its undeniable on the other hand that Modi's first year in his second term went through ordeals, the signs of majoritarianism, plummeting economy, proposals of upkeeping the party's propaganda, and COVID-19 crises and agony and adversity triggered by the outbreak and lockdown.

The children of the migrant worker sleeps on a highway as the family has failed to get a bus amid COVID-19 lockdown in Delhi - March 29, 2020 - Photo: Reuters


Turning the previous pages, revoking Kashmir's semi-autonomic status by abrogating Article 370, reassuring to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, making a controversial and handicapped amendment to the Citizenship Act, proposing the implementation of NRC and NPR, and fluctuating economy, and losing legislative elections in some of the states after forming the majority government at the Center were the chapters that occupied Modi's book of the first year.

In his open letter, Modi iterated that the abrogation of Article 370 had enhanced the spirit of national unity and integration and according to the Prime Minister, the Citizenship Amendment Act was an expression of India's spirit of inclusiveness and compassion. In contrary, the CAA was the major reason behind the protests and uproar the country had witnessed until the lockdown came to the picture.

Modi further claimed that he has been working day and night and he believes people, their strength, and abilities more than how much he believes himself.

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